My Brother's Roomate.

Lyah Marie Dallas' brother was her savior. Cameron comes in with a sidekick. Lyah falls for him. Will he catch her? Is he the bad guy everyone says he is? Or is he the real hero?

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2. Woah

Lyah's pov.

By the time I was done packing it was already around 11:30pm.

I am overly excited as we load up the rental car with all of my bags. I choose the front seat with cam. He turns on the radio. "Same bed but it feels just a little bit bigger now.." Bruno Mars: When I was your man blasts through the speakers. "C'mon Lyah. You've been in chorus for years now. I know that you still sing. Why are you being so shy?" Cameron teases and playfully pushes me. I begin to giggle uncontrollably. "Okay. Just turn it back up." He does as I say and I begin to sing along. "Mmmmh, to young to dumb to realize. I should have bought you flowers. And held your hand. Should've gave you all my hours. When I had the chance. Take you to every party cause all you wanted to do was dance, now my baby's dancing. Dancing with another man." I finish and earn claps from Nash and Cam. "Still amazing." He pats my shoulder. "Still annoying." I smirk and pat his shoulder. We both burst out laughing and Nash looks at us like we are insane. Probably cause we are. We pull in a McDonalds and go inside. Not seconds later, we are mobbed by girls. "NASH, CAMERON." That's all I heard. I feel a tug on my arm and see Nash pulling me towards the door and Cameron getting our food. Good luck bro. When we get in the car Nash locks the doors. "Are you okay? They can be a little wild sometimes. I don't understand how they always find us." He places his arm around my shoulders. "I'm fine. At first, I was mobbed all the time. But now I just get people trying to be my friends to get to Cameron. But yeah. I'm okay. Are you?" I look up and into his eyes. How could someone's eyes be that blue? That's absolutely amazing. "Yeah. I'll be fine." He smiles down at me. I feel a warm fuzzy feeling in the bottom of my stomach. No. I can't fall for him. He's cute and all, but I can't. He's just not the guy for me. A few minutes pass and Cameron finally gets in the car and hands us our food. "You gonna sit back there?" Cameron smiles at me through the mirror. "Actually, yeah. I can stretch out in this seat." I wink at him through the mirror and he shakes his head at me. "I can move up from if you want." Nash looks at me. His eyes are telling me to say no. "Nah. Your fine." I grin. "Oh, I know." He winks. "Douche." I giggle and Cameron bursts out laughing. It's about a 2 hour drive to the airport so I just stretch my feet out and put my head in Nash's lap. I can faintly hear them talking. "I think she likes you bro." Cameron laughs. "I don't think she does. Don't hate on me for saying this but, dude. She's hot." He chuckles and I feel the vibrations in his stomach. It's cute actually. "Well, if y'all get together or anything, just know, she is my sister and I will take her side." Cam defends me. Awe such a good brother. "If we did date, I don't know if we ever will... I hope we do, but i don't think we would ever fight. We just have so much in common it's unreal. On our way up here, when I was on my phone with my headphones, I was watching all her vines. She seems like an incredible girl cam." Nash sighs. I feel him brush a strand of hair behind my ear. He is just so cute. "I'm glad to hear you say that Nash. Mabey you'll be good for her. She needs someone like you in her life." He turns up the radio a bit and I feel Nash shift. "I hope I can be a big part in her life." He whispers. Only audible to me. But I'm 'asleep'. I roll over and bury my face into his stomach. He lays down in the back with me. This seat is huge, so there is just enough room for both of us.

Nash's pov.

I wake up to find Cameron shaking me and Lyah. She looks so beautiful. Her bright green eyes open to find my blue ones. Her face instantly reddens. "Goodmorning lovebirds. Wake up. We are at the Airport." I grab my phone out of my hoodie pocket. "4am?!" I groan. "Yes. Our flights in 20 minutes. Now get your stuff and let's go." Cameron pulls Lyah up and I slide out and grab Lyah's bags. She shivers slightly. "Are you cold?" She nods her head and I pull off my tie dye hoodie and hand it to her. She blushes and slides it on. She looks great in my clothes. "Thanks. I really like this, but won't you get cold?." She smiles and stuffs her phone in the pocket. "Yeah. I like it too and nah. I'll be fine." I shrug and pick up her bags. "Thanks for carrying my bags. I could have done it." She blushes a bit. "It's fine! It's really no problem." I smile at her and take her hand in mine. She doesn't pull away. Cameron walks back over to us and smirks when he sees our entwined hands. "The flight leaves in 5. I was lucky and got 2 seats beside eachother and 1 in the row in front of that. So if you want, you can sit together." He genuinely smiles and I mentally thank him. "Thanks Cam." Lyah smiles.

Cams pov.

"No problem sis. Just keep it pg." I wink at her and both of them blush. It's so easy to tell they like eachother. They call our flight and they sit behind me. I get seated next to a really sweet girl. Her name is Jennifer. She's gorgeous and is actually on her way to see family. The last thing I see before I drift to sleep is Lyah curled up to Nash. His arms around her and they both are sleeping peacefully. Today has been great.

--I know it's kinda short, but things will get interesting soon so just stick around! Thank you all for all of your support!! It's greatly appreciated!!!! Follow me on Insta and twitter! @cheyenneteems 😘😘😘😘 Xxx-Onedeebabii

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