Caught In My Own Whirlwind

Konner is a 17 year old girl who's life drastically changes as her dad and her little sister Kamille move across the United States looking for a fresh start. On the plane over, she stumbles upon a member from the band One Direction. As she quickly gets wrapped up in his vicious, stunning, crazy, wonderful, confusing world, will she be able to keep up and stay in it? Or will it become too much for this small town beauty?


1. Moving Day



"Don't go, Konner.." All my friends kept saying to me. I looked away from them fighting my own tears.

"You know I have to.. I don't have a choice." I whispered to them all. I currently live in Great Barrington, MA. Not for long, though. My dad and sister Kamille (or Kam) are waiting in my grandpas car for me outside of our very empty house which I can't even call my own anymore because we sold it so my dad could move to Burbank, California for more business opportunities.

"Why didn't Brian come? I didn't think he'd miss this for the world." Sarah asks. Brian has been my best friend since kindergarten. He's one of those jock guys with the kindest hearts. He's captain of the football team, and he's literally just about the nicest kid I've ever met. 

"He doesn't really like goodbyes." I shrug. My dad honks the horn in the car outside. "I better go." I say and pull everyone into a group hug. "I love you guys so much."

"Never forget us?" Jeremy asks as he hugs me tighter.

"Never." I laugh.

"We'll miss you so much." Says Annie.

"Come visit soon." Suggests Charlotte.

"I'll miss you guys too and i'll try, I promise." I reply. I finally squeeze my way out of the group hug and take a deep breathe as I walk out of my brick house for the very last time. I hop into the car and sigh. I wish I could see Brian right now. I'm honestly going to miss him the most out of everyone here in my incredibly small hometown.


The short drive to the airport was lonely. Not because I wish I was surrounded by more people, or because I just felt unfix-ably alone or some crap. No, it was because I feel like as I Great Barrington, half of my life and all my memories I have here will be staying in Massachusetts and in that old brick house, as I am forced to move on to my new life. 


As we arrive to the airport, my father, sister, and I say goodbye to my Grandpa and thank him for delivering us to the airport. In return he wishes us safety travel to California and best wishes after we get there. We don't have to carry as much as a suit case with us because the movers we hired have already been hauling all of our belongings in big trucks since yesterday with about a 46 hour drive ahead of them. Dad and Kam walk ahead of me into the entrance of the airport. I fiddle with my skirt, contemplating if I want to accept my departure and walk up the steps into the airport following in their footsteps.


"Konner! Wait!" Someone shouts behind me, except I'd recognize that voice anywhere.


"Brian." I say as I turn around with a smile. Abruptly, he lifts me up a foot off the ground with his strong arms and kisses me smack on the lips. At first I just stare at him. Brian's my best friend and although every single girl at our school is in love with him, I've never thought of him that way. I never thought in a million years he'd ever think of ME that way! After a couple of seconds I fall deeply into the kiss. He's pretty much an amazing kisser. He slowly sets me down still kissing my lips then pulls slowly away. He looks at me puzzled, as if there's something he needs to say.


"I'm sorry," he apologizes "I just had to be your first kiss. I didn't want you calling me and telling me about some big city boy taking that spot when I've been dreaming of doing that for so long." Yes that was my first kiss, don't judge me, I know a 17 year old whose never kissed a boy is practically unheard of.


"Have you really..?" I ask.


"Yes Konner. I'm going to miss you so much. Promise you'll call often so I don't just die without you?" He says. I laugh like he just told a joke but when I look up at him, he seems completely serious, so in return, I loosen my smile immediately.


"Ya, and I'm so glad you came to see me. I'll miss you so much Brian." I said as I gave him a short hug. "I better go or I'll miss my flight."


"Okay. Bye Konner." Brian says softly. I turn and run up the stairs and into the doors of the airport.



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