My World's Oyster

This is a collection of my travel memories starting this year. A small portfolio of my travel writing.


2. Sellers of Lombok

The rain betrays everyone, everywhere in the world. It allows us to slip into a lazy melancholy depression. Ware out days away at the expense of water.

Yet without the rain, we are little. The sun never quenched any thirst like water. But it is a symbol around he world: rain means sad. 

There are sellers in Lombok which I feel have been betrayed by the rain that lashes the beaches. These people walk, selling pearls, bracelets and a multitude of sarongs. There is little trade for them in the day and with very sales technique at their disposal, they attempt to wiggle a sale for their wage. 

"Because for breaking the fast," they say when 50,000 Indonesian Rupia isn't enough, despite this being a 'special Ramadan price'. 

I can imagine, very well, that 5 US dollars isn't much but it is the rain that robs them more.No trade on these days for the lack of beach-goers. 

Well, that's what the tourists say. "It's not our fault, Rain, but yours." 

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