My World's Oyster

This is a collection of my travel memories starting this year. A small portfolio of my travel writing.


6. Graves

I like their graves. It's a real tribute to the dead. These specially dug constructions of brick and cement covered with mud once the dressed are buried and fronted with marble kneeling slabs and colourful inscriptions of gold on the red painted 'grave decor'. 

Yet I assume that they weren't the graves of the locals, since the writing was Chinese. 
The locals, they are buried in mounds of mud where 2 wooden crosses stand rigidly in the shallow surface. I remember from Bali, last year, how some villages were too poor to bury their sea properly. The body ha to await the funds. There were villages that simply couldn't afford to die. That put a new perspective on the ways of Mother Nature and the cycle of life. 

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