My World's Oyster

This is a collection of my travel memories starting this year. A small portfolio of my travel writing.


5. Gili

The word 'Gili' perhaps means 'island' but it might as well mean paradise. It is one of the most beautiful places in the world. The water ebbs and flows like silk and is such a naturally unnatural turquoise. Angel fish pick at the reef amongst electric blue flashes of light. The fish; blacks, blues, yellows and whites flock together to feast. They don't resist the flow of the water as I do, for fear of being swept out too far - into the DARK ebony - without means to return to shore. 

But when you allow yourself to listlessly float next to them and absorb the waves as they do, you at able to know the fish more intimately. 

But there is something so bizarre in the fact that such beauty and tranquility is actually home to one of the largest coral graveyards. White rocks of smashed coral reefs wash up on the shore. They stub your toes and locals hang them as decoration in a morbid twist of beauty. It's bizarre, it makes you question: exactly what is 'beauty'? 

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