The Children of Hecate

It's been six months since the Demigod Savers decide to take a break and stay at the camp. But what happens when a profacey is pronounced at the camp and it has something to do with the part of Skylar's past she can't remember. This story involves Jason, Piper, Leo, Annabeth, Percy, and her best friends Faith and Hope and adventure that hold secrets that the gods never heard of. Also
you won't believe the surprise romance in this story. And what's happens when someone who is one of the most important person in Skylar's life dies.


6. One of the Six

" What are talking about?" Skylar asked him.

" Your one of the six, and I think you know it," He said.

" Are you accusing her of lieing?!" Leo said walking up to Percy.

" The only thing I accuse of her is she is one of the six, and she's not telling us," Percy said. " That's all I'm trying to say fire boy..."

That's what set Leo off. Punches started to fly in the air between Percy and Leo.

" That's enough!" Skylar yelled at them both. " Ok maybe I am one of the six. So what?!"

The fight stopped.

" Your one of the six?" Leo asked me. " And you didn't tell me?"

" It's very complicated Leo," Skylar said. " It doesn't really make sense to me, but..."

" It makes sense to me," Leo said. " You don't trust me."

" No It not like that Leo!" I was trying to explain. " Its just..."

" I don't want to hear it," He said walking away.

Skylar's heart broke at those words. She decided just to turn around and jumped on Saphire's back where there was a sattle ( made by Leo by the way).

" Come on Saphire," Skylar said stroking her. " Let's go for a ride."

Then Skylar and Saphire floated up to the clouds.

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