The Children of Hecate

It's been six months since the Demigod Savers decide to take a break and stay at the camp. But what happens when a profacey is pronounced at the camp and it has something to do with the part of Skylar's past she can't remember. This story involves Jason, Piper, Leo, Annabeth, Percy, and her best friends Faith and Hope and adventure that hold secrets that the gods never heard of. Also
you won't believe the surprise romance in this story. And what's happens when someone who is one of the most important person in Skylar's life dies.


7. Leo

Leo was freaking out. Did he just break up with Skylar?! The most beautiful girl in the camp! This is bad he thought. He loved Skylar with all his heart. He thought when he said " I don't want to hear it", she would still try to talk to him. But no. She just decided to fly away. Didn't she feel the same way he felt her?

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