Magical Love

How would you like to live in a family where anything is possible? Lauren does and when she is chosen to complete the family's quest she is quite startled. Then she is sent to a boarding school where she discovers Billy sparks fly or is Billy who he says he is?


3. Welcome to Pearls

My first day at Pearls wasn't at all how I expected. To be honest I'm not entirely sure what I expected but a chavy boarding school? I was almost shoved out the car by my Dad and before I had a chance to rethink he'd driven away. So it was me, the school and my gift. Suddenly the bell rang and a sea of groaning rose up from the crowd. I guess I might gave a chance of fitting in here. There was no school uniform here which I couldn't believe so I was in basic jeans and T-Shirt and favourite beret. The corridors looked like a scene from Harry Potter which is kind of ironic considering my Grandma had just told me I need to fight people like Voldemort. I finally found my way to the heads office after stumbling into scary older students, dead-end corridors and creepy looking artwork. The head: Mrs Comfort was around 4 foot and her ginger hair made her look like some angry leprechaun. Which for an around 5 foot, 14 year old to say doesn't bode well. Anyway, she gave me a timetable and explained how some kid called William would help me out for the first week or so. Anyway she spoke into a microphone on her desk, "Could William Summers Please Report To My Office ASAP". A couple of minutes passed and suddenly William entered the room.
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