Magical Love

How would you like to live in a family where anything is possible? Lauren does and when she is chosen to complete the family's quest she is quite startled. Then she is sent to a boarding school where she discovers Billy sparks fly or is Billy who he says he is?


2. In A Brave New World

Then the next March, Grandma died. And from that moment I was taught at home and every Tuesday, Uncle Sam would tell tell his wife he was playing golf and secretly hold 'Gift Classes'. On my 14th birthday, they finally decided I was ready to once again live in the outside world, I had control of my gift and understood the rules of using it. I remember sitting all relaxed by the fire when dad brought over a book: 'Welcome to St Pearls Boarding School'. "Really Dad! A boarding school?" I was stunned, how could they live with me always in the house for years and then cart me off to some boarding school for rich brats. "Its got the best GCSE scores in the country!" he started walking torwards the door and then said, "oh and this is from Grandma. She asked me to present it to you when Sam decided you were ready" I raised an eyebrow, "ready?" Dad had never recieved a gift and he always found it difficult talking about gifts. When dad had disappeared into the kitchen I took some time to examine the letter. I'd never seen Grandma write she always use to use her gift for that so I couldn't tell if it was from her. Also why couldn't she have used her gift on this letter? What was so important she had to write the letter by hand? I carefully opened it... MY DEAREST LAUREN, I know you are to go to St Pearls, it is the safest place for you. However anywhere outside the boarders of the school is very dangerous. We are not the only particle benders. We have enemies. The Mystiks are dangerous. Were we create happiness and joy through our gift they seek destruction and hatred. I have finished my battle however you are just starting yours. We have been intrusted with the task of making sure the Mystiks never succeed. Good Luck, Grandma.
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