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My name is Slina I am not human. I know that I was young and I do not know where I came from. Or who is my family if they find out who I am really the people around will be scared of me. Only who I am is my foster parents. Who I am really and what is my purpose here?
Slina is a sweet and caring girl, but scared if people find who she is. However someone will soon who she is and will they send her back where she belong.


1. The new boy

Chapter one : The New Boy

My name is Slina, well before I met my new parents I did not have a name and I did not know, where I came from and what is my name. However I known I am not human, I was everyone who can hate me, because they think I am evil and heartless. I am a fallen angel, who is good, but I was different from images of a fallen angel. My wings are black but my skin was not gray or wasn't my eyes red.

I wanted to die, because I am scared that everyone would hate me. So I decided to jump off the climb. However someone stop  me from my death. It was my first love, kind of cliché, but I met him in the snow. A man with white wings, his hair was hazel brown with green eyes like gems. He was wearing a white roles. His wings was injured and he was to moved. He was reaching his hand out and he shouted,

'Help me I can't heal myself, help me!'. I turned around and my throat went dry. I was confused with this being, should I help him, problem I was already exposed, my wings are out, but does he realized what I am.

'Why should I help you I am a fallen angel and you are angel. They suppose to be evil and angels are good!'. The angel slowed got up and he smirked at me,' I don't care, you shouldn't care what anyone said this is your choice,' A weird force came on my shoulder and I stepped forward to him. I touched his wings and the blood disappear. He stared at me with a question look.

'I never seen a fallen angel child for a long time, thank you what is your name?'. I smiled at him and I looked at snow, ' I don't have a name, I have been looking for a home, can you give me one please?' He took his hand out in front out to her, 'let's see we can find you one'. He went closed to me and he whispered,' please put your wings away and your name will be Slina.' That is weird name but I chunked a bit, 'thank you for saving me.' He was confused and he laughed out of loud.' would you die or not?'

I stepped back, but he pulled me in his arms. He raised his wings ready to fly, we saw the city and the trees. It felt different from riding with someone. I looked at him and he was focused where to go, 'how did you got injured?' I asked.

'I got chased by someone, really is not none your business'.  I gave him a furious look, 'hey I helped you just now, you should said thank you and tell me what happened to you!' He smiled at me and he smirked, but he looked forward, 'thank you Slina, but really I think you shouldn't know too much about me. I am surprised you don't know who you are properly.'

I was shocked I know who I am, this guy cannot be serious. I struggled to get off him but he held me tighter. My face went red, this guy is being rude to me right now. After he asked me for help. ' What you mean by that?'. He moved down slowly. He puts his hands on my shoulders and he said, 'what I mean you shouldn't listen to anyone, only yourself who you really are, learn about yourself. Anyway you are heavy and you talk too much bye.' He flew quickly before I can get him. This guy, 'hey !'I yelled at him.

My new parents opened the door and they saw me, the woman looked confused and the man went to get a jacket for me. The woman pulled me with tears for me.

'This poor child is our daughter like the angel said.' I was really confused what she was on about. The man was happy of joy, I pushed back and they looked confused, 'what angel you are talking about?!' The young couple hugged and they said,' the one delivery you just now'. My jaw dropped, because my first love was a rude jerk, but I did not know his name and why did he help me and how did he know what I wanted it. Did he plan this all of it, so why now not early is it fate or timing.

The first day back of school, I was fifteen year old and I was normal girl with a dark secret but I still the same, who want some fun and to be a good person. I was on the bus and I was looking the window. I saw a black limo, but when people sees a black limbos a rich person rides those. I saw a boy was wearing black sunglasses about the same my age. He was wearing the same uniform as me.

'I never seen him, probably he is in a different class'. I looked at my phone to checked my messages, a few friends messages, I was not popular or rich, I was middle class, I worked hard, I have a good grades and I enjoyed school. Of course as a normal kid, who work hard, make friends, but always have a bully or bullies chased them. Me about five people chased me, but they looked me in a different way when I fight them.

Katharine and Carrie are my best friends since in high school. Katharine is shy and kind, she enjoyed listen to any music with a soft melody. Carrie is the team leader for the basketball team. She is pretty much a tomboy.


You wondering do I have a crush on someone yes his Karl Sandra. He was very good looking he has ice blue eyes and dark brown waves hair. It looks neat and he always look smart. He was funny and charming. We are quite good friends but I want to be more than friends.


It was history class and I was always happy there because Karl sits next to me. I was a bit quiet to him at times. He always try to talk to me. He is very nice to me, 'So Slina what you are thinking after school?' He is asking on date. I turned to other side and I said, 'yeah, where do you want to meet?' He smiled and he whispered, 'At you locker.'


A knock on the door and it was a boy with dark hazard brown and his eyes were green. It was him that boy who saved when I was a kid. My jaw dropped and my eyes was fix on him. Karl's eyes were fixed onto the new boy. So did the new boy returned the same expression. Karl was looking me with a jealous look and he turned to the new boy. Mr. Thomason introduced, 'This is Brandon Goldspink and he was just move here, so be nice to him,'

'Thank you, hi everyone nice to meet you.' Mr. Thomas looked around and he pointed at Elaine. Elaine was meanest and rudest girl. She is one of popular people and everyone like her. I don't like her and I don't talk her either, which is good whatever come her mouth is trash. She smirk and she patted on her chair. Brandon looked her and he cough loudly and he whispered to Mr. Thomason.


Mr Thomas nodded, 'Okay Karl sit with Elaine please?'

'What, why?'

'No questions  just go!'

'Okay fine.'

'Brandon go sit with Slina over there.'

Elaine gave me a dirty look me and I knew it was not good.

He sat next to me and he didn't look at me, does he remember me, I wrote a note and I pushed next his elbow. He looked at the notes and he write on it.

I read it, he wrote no, I write another note, come on we met before in a snow night and you saved me and I saved you, don't you remember?


Brandon bended at my eye level and he smirk, 'Well you turned the table around,'

'What, I was not hitting you?'


'I am not like that,'

'Really do you like Karl ?'

'How you know that?'

'I can tell by body language, beside if I was you I would be carefully with him.'

'What you mean by that, do you know him?'

'No, but  I heard what he do and I know he cannot be trusted.'

I studied Brandon's face carefully and I didn't believe him I know Karl quite well.  What is this guy's problem he doesn't remember who I am and he rude to me.


At PE the girls were playing volleyball and the boys were playing tennis on other side. I was getting ready and Carrie smiled at me. 

However Elaine looked angry and she looked like she about to explored. She threw the ball hard and it was going fast as lighting. I  felt weird force and I leaped and hit the ball upwards. The ball hit the ceiling and it came fire quick down the ground. Elaine was pissed and she was fire up.  We kept hitting  the ball back and fort aggrieve .


The girls stepped back and Carrie was impressed and she was shocked that Slina never played like with Elaine. Elaine was checking if Brandon was watching her, but he wasn't he was watching Slina.


Brandon was looked in admiration but he was concerned. he knew who knew 

Slina who was actually is.  He didn't noticed the tennis ball was flying at him and somehow out of no where Slina caught the tennis ball.  They looked each other when time stood still for them. Their eyes focus at each other. The time actually stand still.


I was stuck time, but how and I looked up Brandon was in a white light. He clicked his finger and the  time moved back. I was there where I was on the court and he hit the tennis ball back.  I looked at Brandon with confused . The ball was flying towards me, Carrie tired to get it, but I hit the ball and it bound the ground on the other side. We won and everyone clapped excepted Elaine. Carrie patted my back, 'Well I need to learned your skill Slina,' I looked at Carrie, 'Thanks I don't know what came over me?'


After class I followed Brandon, I have to I knew he was not human and he stopped time how. What was he doing here and how he knew who I am.

I got up on the rooftop and I was talked to him but I stopped, because he was talking to Elaine. Elaine smirk at him and she stepped forward. I hid behind the door.


'Brandon aren't brave to show your powers, what if some humans can see  that ,' said Elaine.

'Elaine is not your problem beside I don't care if I did. I am here to protect Slina from you,'


'You tried to hurt her, I don't know what you trying to prove. That was stupid what if the humans find out,'

'No they wouldn't find out, I think I know what Slina is. She is a fallen angel isn't she?'


My eyes went wide and I was shaking. Elaine know how, did she know. I listened conversation closely. Brandon clutched his fist and his wings came out. I knew he was that angel who saved when I was a child. Elaine smirk and she turned her into a fallen angel. She look different her skin was grey and her eyes were red.


'Why should you protect her, she is one of us?'

'No she is not Elaine she is different and  she is not like you,'

'Why is that because she is half human that is why?'

'What how you know that?'

'Please I smell human blood inside of her. I choose to leave her alone , until you come, you make me want to be with you , but you chose to protect Slina over me. I am better than her I am faster, cute and sexy,' She pulled his collar and she  went closer to his face. I opened the door and I punched her. She smashed on the caged fence and  Brandon grabbed my hand . Elaine got up and she shoot out dark laser light. Brandon held my hand. He used a protect shield. He let off my hand and he  puts his hand on my shoulder, 'Slina stayed here,'

'Brandon I want to help,'

'Slina please stay here,'


Brandon went out the shield and he shoot a white light. I tried to followed him but the shield had a force field. I puts my hand on it and I looked helpless. I saw them fighting . She shoot fire out and Brandon shifted quickly and he kept dodged her moves. His wing got burned by her and she reached down and she puts hand on his arms. She held him and she had a n evil smile. I kept banging the wall and I wanted to get out. Brandon smiled and he opened his mouth and there was powerfully loud sound waves that thundering her down. She cover her ears. She flew away quickly.


Brandon struggled to get up, the shield disappear. I  ran to him and I looked at him and I touched his wings.  I saw a weird light and his wing was healed. He touched my hand and we looked each other. I pushed him away and my face was glowing red. Brandon laughed out loud, 'What is wrong with you?' I asked.

'Nothing, I think you are falling for me,' His face was against my face. I went silence and I looked away. I took breath, 'So you do remember me, why did you lied to me?'

'To protect you, beside I don't want you to get involved with me.'  He walked away and his wings disappeared . I ran towards him and  I yelled, 'hey Brandon I just helped you and now I am involved with you!'


He dashed to my face. He stared at me with smirk, 'thank you, I don't want you get hurt,'

'That is good Why are you protecting me then?'

' You are clueless.'


He hugged me out of where. I didn't know what to do. He stepped back and he turned away. He cough loudly, 'Slina I have to train you before this happens again will be others like her and they will get you to join,'


'I don't know your powers are different from the fallen angels,'

'Brandon, Elaine said I am half human how?

'She means one of your parents is human and your other parent is a fallen angel,'

 'How that is impossible, human can't see angels  or fallen angles,'

'Really some humans can see better more than others.'


I was confused and I want to find out more about me. I looked at Brandon and he reached his hand out.  I took a deep breath and I puts my hand out, 'Brandon let's work together,'



Out of no where  a weird dark light shoot at Brandon . Brandon banged on the ground. There was another fallen angel, a male one and Elaine. They both grabbed me. Brandon followed them and we ended up in a dark alley. The male  fallen angel 's hand  turned into a sword. He aimed on my neck. Brandon stopped and Elaine flew to him, 'listen Brandon be a good boy and hand over your staff,'

'Why do you need it?'

'Our boss want it ,'

'If you give  your staff will give Slina to you,'



'Brandon don't let me go now,' I yelled. A dark force came in my skin and my skin turn gray and my eyes tuned red and dark wings came from my back. A dark light came out. Elaine and the fallen angel landed on the ground. I screamed aim less and I  felt so much pain. I couldn't control it.


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