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My name is Slina I am not human. I know that I was young and I do not know where I came from. Or who is my family if they find out who I am really the people around will be scared of me. Only who I am is my foster parents. Who I am really and what is my purpose here?
Slina is a sweet and caring girl, but scared if people find who she is. However someone will soon who she is and will they send her back where she belong.


4. The answers will come


Mr. Weston was watching Karrie  from her bed side. He looked at her beauty and her youth. He touched her face and she gather to wake up.


'Paul what happened?'


 'Karrie is it fine, nothing happened. You were just tired, that is all.'


She stared with him with emotionless and concern face. She leaned toward to him and she asked, 'Why are you lying, I know your secret, you can see more than humans can right?'




'This happened before a dark angel went inside me , somehow I can see him and he control me . Somehow I  couldn't' t stopped him .'


He placed his hand in hers and he held it tightly. He spoken in a soft tone, 'When this happened?'


'When I was six this girl was lost and I wanted to helped. She got scared and somehow she got inside me. I knew she was a dark angel, she kept screaming, but then another dark angel came and he took her out of my body.'


Mr. Weston held in his arms, he tightly held her head. She insanely panic, 'what if someone see us?'


'It is fine, anyway I need checked on them,' he stood up and he was about to move. She frozen and she asked, 'Will you tell me who you really are?'


'I am still the  same, just different I will tell you soon not now,'


'I understand.' He kiss her on her forehead and he dashed to the rooftop.


I looked aimless at them, Brandon and Karl lifted their hands as ultimate weapon that could destroy each other.  Their power grew larger and larger, I position myself as I watched fighting each other.


'Why are you here?!' demanded Karl.


'I am here as a mission,'


'So you can take me and Slina back where we belong?'


Brandon dodged Karl's move and he flew upwards towards him like a fish flying in the air. He stared down at him ,'No I am here to protect her same like you'.


'Protect her, I should protect her not you. You have no right to protect her!'


A dark, lighting sword darted onto the ground between them, 'Stop this!'


It was me Slina and I have transformed to my true form. I was shaken so much fear and tears splashing down my face. 'Please there isn't need to fight. I protected both of you two. Thank you for protecting me, fighting each other for me isn't protecting me. Making me freighted, because you are acting you guys are in war!'


They dropped their power and they looked with uncertain thoughts. They nodded and they shook hands but they had disagree face. I cleaned my tears and I knew they were angry at each other, at least they stopped fighting.


Mr. Weston got up there and he saw the ground cracked, 'Who did this?' We looked with guilty face, 'I did,' Brandon covered me, then Karl tackled him and he shouted, 'I did,'


'I don't care I will fix it.'


He took his hand and there was a glow and the crack disappear. I was astonished and I asked, 'how did you do?'


'Well I can do more, counter attack and mend things. I learned from a great teacher,'


'Hmm just don't tell what happened, anyway we checked on Katherine,' Brandon.


'I will, I can make her forget,'


'I will come as well,' I followed him.


Brandon looked across Mr. Weston, he commanded, 'what is your deal for helping us?'


'Brandon I wanted to,'


'I know, thank you I don't want you get hurt,'


'Is because I am human, come on I am more than the others,'


'I know that we know happened like your father when he misused it,'


'You know my father?'


'I am older than I look,' Brandon glared him as he walked away from him.


Katherine was confused and everyone went back to class. I chased her and I stopped her, she asked me, 'I was not normal right?'


Karl touched her head and her thoughts vanished and she opened her eyes, ' What happened Karl what are you doing?'


She hid behind me and he acted innocent, 'sorry there was something in your hair,'


'Thanks,' she looked fluttered and she crawled away. Brandon laughed and Karl followed Katherine. I wanted to go with them, but Brandon caught me by the hand, he dragged me away from the group.


'Let's meet up tomorrow at ten o'clock bring your swimming costumes and trainers. We  are training,'


'Sure where?'


'Meet me at the Hollow Mountains entrance,'


'Okay,' he smirk and he waved me bye. I watched him and my heart echo as a drum beat loudly. I knew I fall him over again.


The next day  I was waiting for Brandon, I was playing my crown necklace. Brandon caught it and he held his hand, 'You still have this?'


I immediately took away from him, 'yes I know it is weird it only clue that I have, because I don't remember. Oops I am sorry I am annoyed I can't remember my past.'


He patted and he gentle smile, 'it is okay I will help you, first let's who can win, loser has to buy the drinks.'


He ran upstairs and I tracked him behind.  Then he slipped and he almost feel his knee. He quick reflected in the air as if he was floating in mid air. He gather in a slow pace and he stood up. My reaction was blank and impression that he was quick.


'Wow that is good reflects Brandon,'


'If you spend time with me you will be good as me.'


He flashed a smile of me and I hid my face of lies because my flashing of redness. I stormed all the way without facing to him. He knew he hit my weak mark.


Over the other side I saw glorious, powerful and scornful  waterfall and I can hear the silence and no one was around. Brandon spreads his wings and I copied his lead. We guided up the air and on the edge of the mountain. The view was breath taking it was like spacious different dement of over world. I never seen so many green and the air was crispy fresh. I gazed on the view and I hauled the air. Brandon took my hand and he said, 'let the power out, make sure it is still.


'What you mean?'


'I will show you,' he reached his hand out and a white glow lift his hand. He started playing and it followed his hand movement, it almost he was dancing with it. I did the same, how unfortunately it went out and my power bladed a cut on his face. He smiled and he took my hand and it healed him. He held my hand with the my power, next minute we were dancing , 'First step focus your power,' he advised me.


Night time falls and Brandon and I shifted to the camp fire and we caught some fishes. As I sat I moved swiftly near the fire and he tossed me a blanket. I looked him and I wonder what he is pounding. He was staring at the fire with thousand thoughts stuffed in his head.


I decided to star the voice, 'So is there is a place called heaven and hell?'


He looked at me with a bizarre look, 'Is there a place called heaven or hell, I wonder well I will said we lived in different world and is not clouds and see angels everywhere. Actually different I can't tell you all you are still human, so make you immortal because of fallen angel side,'


'So I am not know at all?'




'That's unfair I should know should I?'


'Well when we find your memories, then we can okay?'


'Fine what about why did you help me when I was six?'


'Hmm actually a woman was wearing a mask told me to, after she disappear.  I send you to your new parents, because I couldn't after you,'


'Oh I understand, what about you. I don't really know you that well,'


'You are asking my past right?'




'You see that waterfall?'


He guided his finger at the waterfall, 'that place where I died on the day, even if was a sad ending I was happy because I wasn't alone. My father and I were fishing somewhere fate came and we got caught with the water and we fall. He held my hand and he said he come with me. After he was not found and I don't know what to him is he alive or dead?'


'I am sorry,'


'It is fine, I am not worry so much,'


'But do you want to find him,'


'Yeah but I want to complete mission as well,'


'What is that?'


'You I want to protect you.' He approached closer to me and he held a stared at me. I frozen could not move at all. The wind breeze across my cheek and he leaned much more. He whispered my ear, 'I don't know why I always feel draw to you?' I swallowed and I looked at him and he smiled at me and he shifted closer to my lips.


A dark angel  flying out the water and he dragged me into water and I was choking. Brandon immediately hunted down him under the sea.

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