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My name is Slina I am not human. I know that I was young and I do not know where I came from. Or who is my family if they find out who I am really the people around will be scared of me. Only who I am is my foster parents. Who I am really and what is my purpose here?
Slina is a sweet and caring girl, but scared if people find who she is. However someone will soon who she is and will they send her back where she belong.


7. Paul Weston's Story

Paul's childhood memory was a blurred. As he remembered when he was six year old he saw things beyond in the human eyes. He can see angels, demons and dark angels. Everyday he want to hide the fact that he can and he pretend he doesn't knowledge them.


One day he saw an angel with golden blond hair and she discussed his dad. He was very confused he does not recall his father can see angel. He knew wasn't a dream and he reach over the angel. She spoken in harsh tone.


'Who are you?' she asked.


'Why are you talking to my dad?' Paul reached over her hand.


'Son you can see us talking,' Paul's dad hid his mother. The angel bow her head, 'I am Lela and your mum is coming with us.'


'She is dead how?' he screamed and he saw his mum laying on the grass. His dad cry in desperation. He patted on Paul's head, ' I am sorry your mum was ill for a long time. She suddenly died I am so sorry.'


'You are lying,' Paul was in tears and he tried to wake up his mum, no answer from his  mum. His mum has turned into an angel she patted Paul. She said, 'you will know the truth someday, good bye my son. Honey please care of him.' She vanished with Lela.


Later on few years Brandon came to earth and he explained to Paul's dad.


'Richard when are you explained to Paul, he is going to find out soon?' Brandon argued.


'In time I can't let him know I want him to live here,'


'He is not normal he can see them and he has powers. Soon or later he is going to realized who he is,'


'Brandon I know you are older than me and you are my teacher. Please understand?' his dad begged and Brandon nodded his head.


His dad reached in his pocket and he showed to Brandon, 'he is a teacher in the school look for him and please can you tell him the truth,'


'What about you?'


'I can't stay here I finish my mission now I have to go,' he slowly disappear and pieces of him scatted.


'Wait how?' it too late he was gone. Brandon was deeply puzzle and he didn't know what to do.


Later on few years Paul dated Kerry for three years. He first met her in school  and she was drawing of the pond and he walked up to her, his heart bounds into different directions. After  while know each other, late night sneaking out and they hide  themselves from other. Their lives were more interesting and fun.

Until one day Paul and Kerry were in the park. Kerry had bad news and she was getting tired everyday hiding. She decided to break up with him, but she was freighted. Her hunched up to her chest and she said, 'I think..'


Paul was on one knee and he opened a box, it was a diamond ring. Her eyes was fill with water and she took the ring. She looked at Paul,  she could said no this was real she love him, 'no more hiding we are going to get marry,' Paul kissed her.


Paul's phone rang it was Brandon and he came put behind the tree. He dragged Paul and he told him the truth, 'Paul you are half human and angel, your dad is an angel and your mum was a human,'


'What you mean?'


'I means your dad is an angel and  he married your mum who gave birth to you. This probably why you see things more than humans and you have powers as well.'


Paul frozen and he was unuttered with confusion, 'You knew my dad?'


'Of course I taught him. I am much older than I look,'


'So what happens to me?'


'That is up to you. Beside I don't think you want to leave Kerry now right?'


'No I love her I will plan to be human thank you Brandon.' Brandon beamed he patted on his shoulder, 'don't worry.'


Paul walked back to Kerry and he looked back to Brandon and Kerry,

'What happened?'


'Nothing,' he kissed her softly and she smiled of the soft feelings surround her. With soft feelings warmth these two nothing can stop them. 

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