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My name is Slina I am not human. I know that I was young and I do not know where I came from. Or who is my family if they find out who I am really the people around will be scared of me. Only who I am is my foster parents. Who I am really and what is my purpose here?
Slina is a sweet and caring girl, but scared if people find who she is. However someone will soon who she is and will they send her back where she belong.


2. Chapter 2:Understanding your powers



 My body was burning and I felt so pain inside that I couldn't bear. I cried so much and screamed a loud as I can. My hands out and dark electric crawl on my skin. The power let itself out. It went crazy and out of control. It hit Elaine she fall on the ground. The male fallen angel flew up towards me. I glare at him my eyes had no emotions. He smirk and he grabbed my neck. I smirk and I didn't know why. I reached out on his chest and black waves traveling through my skin, His body and frozen and he fall down on the ground. Elaine tried to wake him up, 'Alan wake up wake up,' she got up and she watched me in pain. She disappeared with him.


Brandon flew up and he held me. I kept screaming and my sharp nails digging on his back. He whispered to me, 'Slina take a deep breath now and let all your energy out.' I listened to him. I tried to control myself, I screamed, I cried and I was soreness of pain. It felt thrones were stabbing me each time. I took breath and let out the dark pain inside of me. Dark waves lashing out of my body and Brandon kept holding the whole way through. I fainted and I nearly slip. He grabbed me tighter and he stared at me with his earthy eyes.


I opened my eyes and I looked around me. This was someone's bed and someone's pajamas. I searched my thoughts what happened. I remembered what happened I was kidnapped by Elaine and other male fallen angel. His name Alan she called him. I got up and I looked at my reflection. I was normal and I looked closely and I transformed my dark angel form. My skin colour was the same, no gray and my eyes weren't red. My nails were normal not sharp at all. Was it a dream, it can't be. I ran out and I opened the door.


'Brandon where are you?!'

I ran the downstairs and I hugged him behind. He turned and he was confused, 'Slina l you are a bit forward.' I stared at his back and I slowly let go and I dashed like a mouse. I hid the corner on of the room. I peeped over and Brandon was cooking and he had a red apron on. He had a wooden spoon on his hand and he has surprise look on his face. 'Slina do you want tell this soup. I made it for you,' I walked swiftly along and I tasted it. It was warm and declivous. 'What is it?'

'Snake liver soup,'


'Joking, it is carrot and potato soup. I think I should put some chicken for you,'

'Thanks I am not sick,'

'Well I think might help you plus you were pain remember?'

I looked at him and I looked at his back. I remember I hurt him. I took look his back and he yelled, 'what are you doing?!' He step back and he grabbed my hand, 'don't that Slina!'


My face was against my face and he took his apron off. He pushed me against wall. He puts his forehead on mine. 'Slina ... don't push it,' he smirk and he coughed to covered what happened. I was about to walk out but he stopped me, ' you are worry about my back?'

'Like I care ?'

'Slina please help I can' heal myself,'

'I thought angels can right?'

'What no we don't have that power,'

'What kind power do you have?'


He smiled and he crossed his arms, 'well you are being nosey, maybe you have spare time I could show you?'

'No,' I walked away and he stepped and he block my way. He turned his back and his face was glowing red. 'Please help me?'

I looked at his cooking and the water was about to spill.' Should you focus your cooking.'

'Right,' he went fast lighting and he switched off the cooker. He carried me in the living room. He bend on his knee and he took his T- shirt off. I touched his back, his strong back. He had red deep scratches from my nail. I touched it, it was soft and smooth. A bright light came out my hand and his back was heal. He covered his shirt and he stared at me with a soft look, 'I need to meet your parents now,'


'Well that is moving a bit forward, we haven't start dating,' I stumbled.

'Hmm I mean not in that way let's you want that?' he went to closer to me and I could smell his fragrance his shampoo. He smiled and then he laughed, 'Come on Slina really I am joking.'


I walked away from him with my head held high. I don't care what he said. As we head to my house. I looked at the answers in his eyes. Why did he protected me and who I am. These questions I wanted him to asked. He stopped and he looked at me,

'I should buy a gift for your parents right?'

'No you don't have to,'

'I am going to buy some apples,'

'Apples why?'


We went to the market and we brought a bag of apples and banana. He had a huge smile and I was carried the apples. Then went the fish market and we looked the fishes. The shop keeper was smiling at us.

'You two look like new wed couple,'


'We do,' Brandon puts his arm over me, my face went bright red. Then someone grabbed me as well. It was Karl and he was not please, 'She is my woman,'

'Your woman really,' Brandon smiled.

I pushed Karl away and I tried to stop them start a fight.


Somehow a dark energy through my body, I couldn't control it and  a dark light shoot out my hand. It hit an old woman. She hit down the ground and my eyes went red and I was in so much pain. Everyone screamed and they dashed away. Karl tried to helped me and I kept screaming. Brandon looked down at me and he stopped time and he yelled, 'Elaine come out now!'

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