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My name is Slina I am not human. I know that I was young and I do not know where I came from. Or who is my family if they find out who I am really the people around will be scared of me. Only who I am is my foster parents. Who I am really and what is my purpose here?
Slina is a sweet and caring girl, but scared if people find who she is. However someone will soon who she is and will they send her back where she belong.


5. Behind Brandon's truth



Brandon threw a spear punch at the dark angel.  Then I got up out of the water, I spread my wings and I threw a dark power from my hands. The dark angel got hit and he came crashing in the sea. A group of dark angels came out the sea, Brandon and I knew we were deep trouble and they combined their powers at us.


Suddenly a long sword peeled the sea and it split the dark angels into dust. A man with a dark cape. He took off his cape and Brandon stepped back. As he knew this stranger.


'Brandon who is?'


'Was my father let's go now,' he took her hand. The grim reaper trailed them to the waterfall. Brandon held me tight and I could hear his creative beating heart, bounding on my ear. My face blushed so hard, I tried to hide my feelings. My feelings unsure for Brandon or even Karl. I looked up and Brandon was bleeding on his forehead.

Without knowing what I was doing I scrolled his hair and I pushed across his forehead. His cut was vanish and he looked at me with his autumn eyes. He leaned over to me and I could smell his dark fresh scent.


Then a familiar voice came out no where.


'Where is she ?'


'I don't know, '


'You saw them the prince is coming, why you want Slina?'


'That isn't your business, I got other things to do' the Grim Reaper disappear.


'Elaine what she is doing and that Grim Reaper?' I asked.

'Well I am guessing they are both looking for you. The prince is the head of the dark angels,'


'Really why they are looking at, why now?'

'Well it is hard but, we had to go before get caught.'


A grey hands reached in the waterfall and he grabbed me and the prince smiled at me with an evil stare.


'My wife, my future wife,' the prince said.


' What your wife yeah right get off me?'


'Hush my wife,' he covered her mouth, Brandon threw a hoop at the dark prince, but he dodged it  and  he flew in a round. He wigged his finger a dark rope tie me. I tried to screamed and to break free. He drawn a sword and he challenge Brandon a sword fight.


'Thank you Brandon for sending my wife, you took your time I wonder why?' the prince was curious.


'What Brandon won't work with you guys!' as I struggled to come out.


'Well that is true, but his job was to send back where you belong. This why I attack him and you, he might take you away and you work with him. You should thank me,' Elaine smirk.


'It's truth Brandon?'


A pause of silence from Brandon, my heart sank Brandon was going to send me back where I belong.


'That is not full truth a woman send me to look after her, when I saw Slina with horns she is royal, I can't send her back, she love the human the world. It useless now I don't know what happened to her parents. Even if it is my job to stop the dark angels and put them belong. I couldn't because I realized they are not that bad. '


Elaine patted her chest, 'How touching I started to like you more, isn't forbidden you fall a dark angel?'


'Yes I do love her I don't care.'


A dark knife came stabbed through in his body and the prince roared an evil laugh. My eyes wide and my true transform came out with dark flame groaning inside my body.  My horns came out and my eyes were crimson, my grey skins appear. I broke free and I grabbed the prince's throat.


We were storing in the air, the prince spit and he gave a death stare.


'Let's me introduce my name is Kim rosé, let's fight,'


I didn't care what he had to said I went to fetched Brandon falling in the air. I gentled put him down, I reached my hand and a sword appear. I threaded Kim, 'I don't care no one does that to Brandon.'


'You threaded me, this should be fun.'


We fight aggressive in the fly and crashing down into the ground. Elaine smirk and she leaned closes to Brandon. As she reached out, a long point knife stomp in front of her. It was the same Grim Reaper before.


'Hand off,'


'Why should I?'


'You should be afraid me I can you vanish forever.'


She stepped back and she call out the prince.


'My prince we have to go now,'


'What I am having now,' Kim stopped with knee kicking high, he looked over and Grim Reaper, had a dark blue glow.


'Sorry Slina we had to go now bye.'


They both teleported and Grim Reaper turned and he walked up to Brandon. He pointed the sword at him. I flew quickly and I protected Brandon with my wings.

My knee was injured and the Grim Reaper leaned over.


'Thank you, Slina to Brandon,' he said.


'What why you are thanking me?'


'I don't know I feel I should, I feel drawn to Brandon I don't know why, he look like a bit like me. Here take some my power you will to heal him and you. You won't much power left after you fight the prince.'


I slowly touched his hand and strange glow heal Brandon and I. He smiled at me and I asked him , 'Why don't you stay until Brandon wake up.'




'Because.. it is nothing you can go now.' I remembered what Brandon never remind their past they will disappear. Brandon gather woke up and he felt a string on his chest.


'What happened?'


'Nothing,' I hugged tightly and I didn't want to let go, he tried to let go, 'get off me,'


'I don't want to.'


He held me closer and he held my head, 'fine I won't let go I will never let you go.'


Slowly we kissed passion and I held him tightly. He held my head and he touched my hair carefree. He pushed me closer with his lips and he spread his hands over my back. He move swiftly to my chin and he peck my cheek.


'Slina you are sneeky,'


'Me, come on I am not you got me scared,'


'Well I never thought Kim's sword could kill me, I thought he took my staff.'


'What is with that staff of yours?'


'Well that staff is my power, if it is taken away, I will lost it,'


'Brandon, you shouldn't do that you got kill, because of me,'


'I don't care,' he patted her head. He gave a sweet kiss on my lips. I enjoyed it and I knew I love him, but I felt strange,


'Brandon I need to go home right now,'


'Right it is getting late come on let's fly.'




As I was lying on my bed, I touched my lips remembered my kiss from Brandon. I cheered and rolled left to right then I got up, what about Karl, was it just a crush, what happened between Brandon and I . I screamed confused what I am going to do. what am I to Brandon. 


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