Let Your Hair Down - A Short 1D (Liam Payne) FanFic for liamniallzaynmeee

A short 1D Fanfic I wrote for another member! Hope you like it!


1. Enjoy!

A year ago today my life changed forever but in one of the most amazing and unexpected ways ever. If someone were to tell me a year ago that I would be dating Liam Payne I’d look at them and laugh in their face. I was just that kind of girl, the girl who always hung out with boys at school to avoid the girl drama, the girl whose long brown hair was forever put up in an elastic. My mom always told me “Aubrey sometimes you just have to let your hair down and give life a try”. I never really understood what she meant by that but my stubborn personality led to me ignore every word and the pony tail lived on.  Although I had this “tomboyish” appearance and never really had a real boyfriend before I did have something that connected me to every other girl at school; Liam Payne. He was the one guy that every girl seemed to want and he was seemingly untouchable. That was until one day I took mom’s advice and “let my hair down”.

I was on my way from my science class to the parking lot where my car was parked and so anxiously awaiting my return so that we could leave the hell hole that was high school. I got to my car door and tugged at my pony tail pulling it to each side to tighten the elastic when it finally gave up and broke. I cursed and slammed my books onto the hood of my car in a fit of frustration. The long brown hair fell down my back and rested lightly on my shoulders. I grabbed my books and opened up the driver’s side door and as I tried piling myself into the car someone shouted my name “Aubrey! Hey wait!” I was shocked when I looked up to see Liam Payne running towards my car. I looked around thinking that surely there was another Aubrey standing around my car and he was running over to pick her up and take her breath away like he does to every girl. “Uh hi...” I replied quietly. I wasn’t much of a conversationalist however I figured my hairs already down might as well give life a try. He went on talking about how he recognized me from his neighbourhood and that we have lived down the street from one another for a while. We talked for about 5 minutes and before I realized what was happening I was driving home with Liam Payne in my passenger seat. I pulled up to a small but elegant house and he stepped out of the car flashing his perfect smile at me and waving goodbye while saying thank you. I reversed out of the drive way and drove further down the street to where my house was. All I could think about was what in the hell just happened there.

A couple of weeks went by and Liam continued to talk to me almost every day. It turns out we have a lot more in common than I thought. One Friday after school Liam and I decided to walk home which made me quite nervous because now everyone could see that we hung out. As we walked down the street he looked at me and said “You know what Aubrey you don’t have to wear your hair down to impress me, you could have no hair and you’d still be pretty amazing!” I blushed and just about fell to the ground when he said those words. I threw my hair up with the elastic that was around my wrist and he laughed. His laugh was intoxicating and by this point I didn’t care at all who saw us walking together. We reached the end of his driveway and as I said good bye Liam pulled me in close to him. His arms wrapped so gently around my waist I couldn’t help but put my arms around his neck. He looked at me and smiled and as he leaned in I knew he was going to kiss me. Our lips met and I could swear everything went blank. Nothing else mattered anymore because finally the girl got the boy and it was my own personal fairytale.

As the months went on people started to accept the fact that Liam and I were now a couple. The girls stopped giving us dirty looks and guys actually started to realize I was really a girl. Everything about Liam made everything about me better. He brought out a whole new side of me that I didn’t realize I had. They way his hands intertwined with mine so perfectly and the way he smiled when we kissed. Every laugh, every moment was cherished so deeply by the two of us.

So now a year has gone by and nothing has changed. The inexplicable feeling of content that I get whenever Liam is around is nothing short of perfection. You would have never thought that this would be the way things played out because a girl like me isn’t supposed to be with a guy like him. A year of ups and downs and thousands of stolen kisses. A year of not wanting anything or anyone else but the person who holds you tight. And on this day to celebrate the one year of Liam and I being together he still looks at me with those brown eyes and says “You’re still the one and I love you.” Such a short phrase has never made me smile greater or feel butterflies in my stomach. I don’t know how he does it but I hope he keeps doing it for years to come.

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