Finding Emily

Hey guys! This is the sequel to 'New Boys' and this book will be all about how Abby, Molly and the boys go on a hunt to find Emily and her kidnapper. Hope you all enjoy it! :)


2. Kidnapped

Emily's POV:

Me and Abby go for a walk to clear our minds. Suddenly, Abby's phone dings and she gets a text. I ask "Who texted you?"

Abby waves her hand and says "Oh, just Kristen." I scoff and say "Of course it was her. She always texts you when we're together." "Oh no she doesn't." Abby says. I look at her and say "Yes she does! Every time we hang out, bam, there's a text from Kristen asking to hang out."

"She didn't ask to hang out. She just asked if it was just two or if Molly was with us and what street street we're on." Abby says. I look at her and say "Wait. Don't you think it's suspicious that she asked us what streets we're on? I mean, people don't usually ask other people that." Abby shakes her head and says "Oh no. She was just would wondering." I just shake it off and I see once Abby replies, she turns her phone off and puts it in her pocket.

As we continue walking, we turn the corner and we notice an alley coming up. I look at Abby and I see she has a worried look. She says "Can we cross the street or something? I hate alleys." I laugh a little and I say "Oh come on. What's gonna happen?"

As we get past the alley, Abby takes a sigh of relief but suddenly, I get grabbed from behind. Abby turns back around and she immediately gets tears in her eyes. I fight back as I say "Abby, go. Run and get help!"

"Bu-but what-" she begins saying but I cut her off and say "No Abby! You need to go now! Get the others and get help!" Abby takes one last look at me then takes off running.

I begin fighting back more but the guy is strong. As I'm about to hit him in his area, I notice he has a cup protecting him. I quietly say "shit." but I keep fighting. I try more of my moves but some how the guy knows everything and stops me and I notice I'm screwed.

As I try getting away more, I don't notice but the second guy comes up behind me and hits my head and fall on the ground unconscious.


Suddenly, I wake up and I notice I'm in a dark room with one tiny window providing little light. I look around the room and see a bed side table, a chair in the corner, and I'm sitting on a bed. "Why?" I think. "Why did this have to happen? Oh how I hope Abby got to the house okay."

Seeing her face leave me, I could tell it broke her heart. I just really needed her to get put of there so she could get help. Suddenly I am interrupted by my thoughts as I hear two voices. I swear I have heard them before from somewhere. I suddenly hear a third voice come in but it's different from the two others. It''s a girls voice. But who could the voices be?


Molly's POV:

"Why did this have to happen?" I think as me, Abby, and the boys are sitting at the police station. Liam is next to me rubbing my back trying to get me relaxed and Abby is by Harry while he tries getting her relaxed. She has not stopped crying at all.

I take a deep sigh and I look at Liam. I slightly smile as he is already looking at me. He smiles back and says "What?"

I shake my head and say "Nothing. It's just, somehow with everything we've been through, you've managed to keep me calm. Like with you, I know everything will turn out and be okay. Thank you." Liam smiles and leans down and gives me a kiss on the cheek.

"I would do that for you any day. Even if you weren't my girlfriend, I would always be by your side and I'm always there for you Molly." He says as he smiles.

I smile then lean up towards him. I put my hand on his cheek and it press my lips to his. We kiss for a minute or so and then we both pull apart. I turn my head and I see Niall pacing around the room.

I sigh and say "Niall, will you please sit down. One of the officers will be with us soon."

Niall looks at me and says "Yeah, but while we're sitting here, Emily can be stuck in a van in an empty parking lot, or sitting in a room being tortured, or...." He trails off and shakes his head. He continues and says "The point is that while we're here, she's there and she needs our help."

I stand up from my chair and walk to Niall. I put my hands on his shoulders and I say "Niall, you need to breath okay? We are going to find her. I promise." I look in his eyes and he starts getting tears. I wrap my arms around his shoulders and he begins crying on mine.


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