Blue Birds, Red Birds, and Owls

There's an old Legend about Blue Birds, and Red Birds, and Owls. Blue Jay's bring good news or good luck. Red Cardinals bring bad news or bad luck. And Owls mean death is near. People don't understand why, when I hear an Owl hooting, I dart into the nearest building. Or when I see a Red Cardinal fly by, I expect the worst of news. Or when I see a Blue Jay, I smile as wide as I can. People think that the legends are silly, but me? I know better. And when I'm alone and I hear an Owl, I also know it's time to run.

Cover made by - SilverShadows and Mia Goldlight


2. Chapter 2

My name is Adoette. Well, it's the name I go by. My full name is Tegan Adoette Oaken, but I go by Adoette,(A-doe-EHtt) or Ado.

I live in the town of Ada, Oklahoma, home of the Chickasaw Indian Tribe(My tribe). It's a decent sized town--not too big, nor too small. It's a town where everyone has known everyone since they were in preschool. The school is kind of small, and the hallways and classes are always crowded. And every Friday night during the fall, everyone goes to the football games up at the high school.

I've lived here, practically my whole life--so that's 15 years! But my parents have lived here way longer, since they were my age!

So let me tell you how the bird legend came into my everyday life; My great-grandpa used to tell my grandpa about an old Chickasaw Legend with Blue Birds, and Red Birds, and Owls. Seeing a Blue Jay means that good news, or good luck is coming your way. Seeing a Red Cardinal means that you're gonna be seeing bad news, or bad luck sometime soon. Seeing/hearing an Owl means that death is near.

That all sounds like a bunch of tall tales, yeah? Well you'll come to find out soon enough from me, that they are so much more than stories.

After my great grandpa told the legend to my grandpa--when my dad was really young--grandpa then told him the legend of the birds as well. At first my dad didn't believe the stories either, but soon enough, he realized what the birds could do also. Then when I was little, my dad told me the legend, and now I'm telling you!

My life is filled with birds. Either birds that disappoint you, or birds that encourage you. Everyone has seen a bird in their life, and they've always experienced some type of news.You understand, yeah? ...No? Don't worry, you will soon! For these moments in people's lives, I will be there to lend a helping hand, a shoulder to cry on, or just someone to celebrate with! It is my job. Sometimes my dad or one of my older brothers help me out with this, but most of the time, I'll be the one to make their day go a little bit smoother.

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