Killer Love

Louise coffin has a horrible past with love, she told herself she'd never love again. But when she runs into a group of guys, and moves In will she change her mind or just block everyone out for the rest of her life?


1. Prolouge

Only a small lantern flickered in my room as I polished my weapon of choice as a floorboard creaked behind me. "Go to sleep." I heard and turned around. What I saw was some boy, with a white hoodie and deep cuts on either side of his mouth. He smiled and pushed me on the bed taking out a knife, he pulled his knife up as if he was going to strike. He winced when I, in turn, stabbed him in the stomach and grabbed his neck when he bent over. "Who the hell are you and what are you doing here." I asked, all he said was "Alright you got me!" I still didn't let go of his neck. "I excepted an ANSWER!" I said "I was going to kill you but I can tell there's something special about you, so I won't." He said, with a few seconds of hesitation I let go of his neck roughly. He stared at me with a smirk "And I'm Jeff." "Louise." I said. "Well since you aren't going to kill me I guess I should patch that wound up." I said, he looked down at it as if he had forgot about it "Yea." He said. I rummaged through a drawer next to my bed and pulled out a needle and some strong thread. I put my hands on his waist and pulled him closer sitting on my bed, after I had finished I put my stuff back. "Um, hello." I heard a quiet voice say I looked behind Jeff and he looked behind himself "What are you doing here?" Jeff said to the guy who stepped into the light, he wore a white mask with black where the eyes and mouth would be. "Um slendie sent me to get you." He said "He sent.. You?" "No actually." Another guy this time with a blue mask. "Well that makes mo-"Jeff said "Who's this?" The blue masked guy asked referring to me "Oh that's Louise." Jeff said. "Is she safe?" He asked "Well uh, no but she's not gonna kill me so." "Well we got to get back," The white masked guy said, the blue masked guy whispered something to the white masked guy. "Yea she seems like it.." The white mask said, the blue mask stepped forward "Follow us."............

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