Daniel Lucas

Daniel Lucas, to many people that name would be a joke. But to me,That name, reminds me of a lost love story. It wasn't a usual romance. It was filled with a lot of pain and saving each other from ourselves. But I couldn't save him. No, Daniel couldn't be saved because he was already gone.
(I am mainly writing this because, it isn't only girls that self harm).
*FINISHED* (Finally!!)


8. chapter 8

A/N: Hey guys, I know I haven't been on lately. #Schoolprobs anyways I realized I hated the last chapters I wrote and so im changing them. Here it is:


I seen it coming. Nick couldn't move in, which is bad for the both of us. He has no idea where he is going. I am going to loose the only friend I've had since Daniel. Nick, although he will be far away, promised he would write me since he wont have a phone for a while. He leaves tomorrow. I sit at my desk in my room, not doing anything, just staring and thinking. I broke down and cried. I hated that this was happening to me. I hated that, now I'd be all alone. I heard a knock on my door. I turn to see who it is, wiping my tears. "Hey, You okay?" Nick asked looking at me with his concerned look he always had. I got up and walked to him. without a word i hugged him and cried into his chest. "You know what I want to do?" He said. "No, Nick, I do not know what you want to do." I said still hugging him. "I want to take you out." I looked up to him. "Out?" I asked. "Well, I guess I'm asking you if you'll be my date for this evening." He said with a smile. I looked at him. "Of course I will." I said with a smile. The voice in the back of my mind is saying 'don't do it, don't get to involved with him' but i couldn't really hear the voice over my heart pounding. "Good, I've already asked your dad." He said with a smile. I never realized how beautiful his smile was until just then.

I got ready, said goodbye to my parents, then we left. I didn't know where we were going, but I was excited.

Finally we made it to a park on the opposite side of town. I took one look at it and looked at Nick. I looked at the deserted park and then at me. "As much as going away kills me, I know when I come back I have you to look forward too." He said. I felt my cheeks get warm. "Listen, Maggie, I just can't think about anyone or anything. You and your friendship is everything to me. I hate having to go. I hate leaving you. I hate knowing that you will be alone-" he went on rambling like he always did when this subject came about.

I turned to him and grabbed his face. I looked into his draper green eyes. Then I kiss him. It was a small kiss packed full of meaning. "Shut up," I said before I kissed him again. Guilt filled my heart like it always did when I was with Nick. I knew Daniel was watching me. I knew he would hate seeing me kiss another person besides him. It killed me but I could stop. I pulled back and say back in my seat and looked forward. I was scared. "Well, want to go do something or?" I said in panic.

Nick nodded, "sure," he said before getting out of the car. I got out and walked to the bench where we had kissed the first time. Nick followed me and say down. "I really don't want to leave." He said.

"I don't want you to leave. I can't believe I make one friend and then he has to leave. I just can't believe my terrible luck," I said. I looked at Nick memorizing him. Everything he did. The past week I had done this. He bit his nails when he got nervous, he stuttered when he was hiding something, he would tap his fingers to the beat of his favorite songs. He did so many annoying things that I couldn't get over. He stared right back at me. I looked up at the sky, the stars so bright. "Do you ever realize how loud silence is?" Nick gave me a weird look. Then he looked at the trees in the distance.

"I don't understand. Silence is suppose to be no sound right?" Nick questioned. The sky above looked so beautiful. The sun was just going down and the stars just began to show themselves.

"Daniel once told me silence was so loud to him, I didn't think about it until now. He was right, it is so loud right now. Listen." I said, we fell silent. The crickets kept chirping, the trees kept moving, the world made our silence loud. "It drives a person crazy. When it is truly silent your head tells you these untrue things. Silence is loud."

I looked at Nick. "Thank you for taking me out if the silence," I said. Then I looked back at the sky.

Later, Nick took me home. I cried when we said goodbye. I wasn't sure if I'd see him before he leaves the next day.

The next morning I woke up around ten. Saturday. I heard my parents talking to someone in the next room. I got up and went to the bathroom and brushed down my hair. Then I went to my parents. It was Daniels parents. "Hey Maggie!" Daniels mom said. "Hi! Good morning!" I said. Then I sat down and listened to their conversation. This was going to be my life now that Nick had left. I will be alone until I can see him again.

A/N hey!! Tell me what you think. I have a case of writers block. Help! Sorry I haven't updated and sorry this chapter sucks 😞 but ily give me feedback people! Haha 😁



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