Daniel Lucas

Daniel Lucas, to many people that name would be a joke. But to me,That name, reminds me of a lost love story. It wasn't a usual romance. It was filled with a lot of pain and saving each other from ourselves. But I couldn't save him. No, Daniel couldn't be saved because he was already gone.
(I am mainly writing this because, it isn't only girls that self harm).
*FINISHED* (Finally!!)


7. Chapter 7

I drove Nick home from the park. I felt so guilty for kissing him. Its only been a month since he died. We sat in front of Nicks house. "Listen, I know that kissing you was stupid. I know your still venerable." He said. "No, Nick don't be sorry. I liked it. I just feel like in cheating." I laughed a little. "Cheating on a dead guy. Listen, I hope this wont make anything awkward between us cause I like you, and we are great friends." I said. Nick nodded in agreement. "I promise." He said. Now he is sounding like Daniel. "I promise you I wont be the next attempt." He said. I leaned over and hugged him. "Thank you Nick." I said then I sat in my seat. "But promises can be broken. Daniel promised me he wouldn't cut or attempt. Now look where he is at." I said. "Time doesn't make the pain go away, time makes it easier to think of something else." I said semi-quoting my father. Nick looked at his house. "I guess I better go." He said. "Ill see you tomorrow." he said as he got out.

When I got home, I went to my room. I felt butterflies in my stomach. I guess I didn't realized that I liked him, but now I feel it. I pulled Daniels note out of my jean pocket and read it. Its been a month. One long, painful month. I feel like I was just talking to him over the phone, like we did every night. The last conversation I had with him was over the phone. I was to busy to realize that my boyfriend was upset. The last thing he said to me was 'I love you, see you soon,' but it wont be soon. Everyone says life is short but really life is a long time. People live for eighty years. There's Three hundred sixty-five days in a year. That's a lot of loving, living, and dying all in one lifetime. Daniel once told me that Life was short in a long way. I thought it was stupid at first but now I understand. Life has an expiration date and everyone has a different one. Some people just throw themselves away before they expire. That's what Daniel did. I wont do that, I'm not ready.

The next day, I went to school and it was the same as every other day. Except Logan wasn't there so my day was even better than normal. I took Nick home and then went back to my house. It was normal. Everything happened just like it would any other day. My parents weren't home. I sat on my bed a did my homework. Then my mom walked into the room. She sat next to me on my bed. "You doing okay?" she asked. "Yeah? Why wouldn't I be?" I asked. "One month was yesterday. I just thought you wouldn't be okay." She said. "You know, Daniel never wanted anyone to be sad about his passing. He always told me whenever he died he wanted everyone to forget. I'm not going to forget but for him, I'm not gonna let myself be sad all the time. Daniel wouldn't want that." I said to her. mom nodded at me, she stared off into space. "You're graduating in a few weeks you know. What are you going to do after?" she asked. I didn't apply to colleges and I didn't have a clue as to what I wanted to do. I always thought Daniel would provide for us. That was stupid. "You know what mom, I have no idea. Maybe ill just be a hobo?" I said laughing. She laughed at me. "I haven't seen you laugh in a while. What has gotten into you?" she asked. "I just think I realized that, Life is so long but so short. I want to be able to go to wherever and look back at my life and remember that I was happy most the time." Nick walked into the doorway and knocked on my door. "Your dad let me in." He said. mom looked at me and walked out of my room. "Hey Nick." He smiled at me. It was a weak smile. "You okay?" I ask. "No." He said. I got up and stood in front of him. "What's wrong?" I ask. "I told you they would get sick of me eventually. Im still only seventeen. Im still in the system," He said. "What are you talking about?" I asked. "The family I live with can't take care of my anymore. Social services found another family for me to live with. I have to leave," he said. "Leave? Now? We graduate in three weeks. Why cant you stay till then?" I asked. He shrugged. I hugged him "I don't want you to leave. Nick you have to stay, you have to find a way to stay," I said looking up at him. "I don't know how." he said. Great, my life just started getting better and now it has to turn bad again. I started to cry. "You can't leave me. You're the best thing in my life right now, I need you." I said. Nick hugged me tighter when I said I needed him. I did need him. He was the reason I was happy again. He was my only friend. "I have to go." He said I nodded into his chest. Then we let go of each other. "We'll find a way. I'll find a way for me to stay," he said. Then he walked out of my room. I sat on my bed and grabbed my purple fuzzy pillow and screamed into it. I cried into it. My best friend was leaving me and I couldn't fix it. I got up, wiped my tears and walked out of my room. I walked right up to my parents who where at the table looking at bills. "Mom, Dad, We have to take Nick in." I said. "What?" mom said. "Nick is seventeen, he is in foster care but we could take him in. Just till graduation. Please," I said sitting at the table with them. "Honey, I don't think we can." Dad said. "No, you guys don't understand. Nick is my only friend. He is the only reason I'm not sad all the time. Please, please!" I said letting a tear slip from my eyes. Mom and Dad shared a look. "We will think about it." Mom said. I got up from my seat and went to my room. I finished my homework and took a shower. Then Mom called me for dinner. I sat down and looked at them both. Mom looked at Dad then me. "Since graduation is in a few weeks and we do have a spare room, we will let him stay with us. But just until graduation." Dad said. I jumped out of my chair and walked over to them both and hugged them. "Thank you, thank you, thank you!" I said then I went to my room, planning to come back to eat later. I called Nick, One, Two, Three rings then he answered, "Hello?" He said. "Nick, Oh my gosh." I said. "Maggie? What do you need. I need to pack," He said. "Pack all your things and bring it all over here. I talked to my parents and they said you can stay with us until graduation!" I said excited. "Maggie that's awesome, but I don't know if that's possible." He said. I was disappointed that he didn't share the same excitement. "Hold on." I said then I walked out of my room, phone in hand. "We have to talk to social workers. Will you call?" I asked "Yes." Mom said. Then I put the phone to my ear. "Please." I said. I heard a huff from his end. "Ill let you know. I have to tell them I want to stay with you guys." He said. "Of course. let me know. Bye." I said then I hung up. I sat in front of my food and started eating excited.

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