Daniel Lucas

Daniel Lucas, to many people that name would be a joke. But to me,That name, reminds me of a lost love story. It wasn't a usual romance. It was filled with a lot of pain and saving each other from ourselves. But I couldn't save him. No, Daniel couldn't be saved because he was already gone.
(I am mainly writing this because, it isn't only girls that self harm).
*FINISHED* (Finally!!)


11. Chapter 11

The day of my wedding, I drove to a place I'd been a million times before. Beautiful, yet sad. Flowers and freshly cut grass. I walked through the rows until I found where I wanted to be. I turned till I saw the only thing I could talk too.

"Today is a special day for me, I didn't think it be with this man. I'm glad I'm marrying him, but I always thought it'd be to you." I sat on the fresh cut grass in front of his tombstone. "Daniel, I miss you so much. I love you so much. I never thought I'd see a day without you. I guess I made it a year and a half without you by my side." I felt hot tears go down my cheeks. "Why would you leave me like that, huh? Why didn't you leave me an explanation, you can't do that! I'm so angry with you, I'm angry that you thought I could make it without you. For a while I thought I couldn't. Daniel, your death nearly killed me. I nearly killed myself because of the pain. I loved you so much. I still love you, more than anything.  All the memories I have of us, their never going to be again. I can't keep living in the past. I need to live my life, you proved that it isn't forever. I really love Nick. I know he will take care of me, so you don't have to worry about that. I love you so much, I wont forget you, I wont stop loving you, I wont stop visiting you, or thinking about you. Like I said before, I can't and I wont keep living in the past. I love you Daniel, You gave me the most epic kind of love I will ever have. I know you'll be looking after me from above. I love you, and I miss you." I said. I stood there for a while, crying and remembering.

Hours later, I heard the music play. The doors opened, all eyes where on me. my parents and Daniel's looked at me and cried. The room was filled with my family and few friends of Nick and I's. I walked with my dad to the alter. Dad kissed my cheek telling me he loved me and then I walked to my soon husband. The preacher talked, we said our 'I do's' and Finally the words I have been waiting to hear all day. "You may now Kiss the bride." Nick kissed me more passionately and with more love than I knew was possible. My life ended when Daniel died, but I came to life again when I found Nick. Thoughts kept rolling though my mind, but the biggest one was also the loudest.

I made it...

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