Daniel Lucas

Daniel Lucas, to many people that name would be a joke. But to me,That name, reminds me of a lost love story. It wasn't a usual romance. It was filled with a lot of pain and saving each other from ourselves. But I couldn't save him. No, Daniel couldn't be saved because he was already gone.
(I am mainly writing this because, it isn't only girls that self harm).
*FINISHED* (Finally!!)


10. chapter 10

I arrived at the post office, I walked in and asked the clerk to send my letter. Then I walked around town. To the school, around the park, anywhere.  My mind raced as I walked a slower pace. It was getting dark, I needed to get home. I walked and walked until I reached my front door. I didn't want to go back in. I wanted to run. I missed Daniel. I missed Nick. I was happy with them in my life, I didn't understand why they where taken out of my life. I just wanted everything to be like they where.

I walked into the house, walked straight into my room without a word. memories rushed through my head like they always would. Everyday I would do the same thing. Come home, think about them, go to my room and think about the memories until it depressed me. I looked at my four walls. Pictures of me and Daniel, new pictures of me and Nick. I looked at everyone, remembering the times we had.

"Oh ,come on Daniel!" I laughed as a snapped a picture of Daniel holding his hands up, hiding his face. "Please, just one." I say with a puppy dog face. "Why do you want one so bad?" He asked. "There is going to be a day, when I wont be able to see you, you'll be busy or I'll be doing something. If you'll let me get a picture, I'll be able to see you even when you are not with me. I just want to be able to look at you whenever I want." I explain. Daniel took the camera from my hands. He moved so he was sitting beside of me. He held the camera up so he could get both of us. When he was done taking the picture he handed to camera back to me. Then he said, "I want a copy okay?" 

A knock on my door took me out of my thoughts. "Maggie? It's lunch time." my mother said through the door. "Okay, I'll be right there." I said back to her. Chance are, she was already walking to the kitchen before I answered. I took one more glance at the pictures on my wall and got off my bed. Walking out of my room into the kitchen. Everything the same as it was, Blue curtains, wood table, wood chairs, same flower plates we used nearly every meal. Everything looked like it always had.

I sat at my spot, looking at my turkey sandwich and barbeque chips. Food I had nearly every lunch. I ate with no complaint. I wasn't hungry of course, I never really was.

After lunch I went into the living room to watch TV. The door bell rang, I got up to answer the door. My mom walked into the room just as I turned the nob. A familiar face was on his knee, looking right at me. Light hair, brown eyes, Face of an angel, Nick. "Oh my Gosh, Nick!" I screamed. Tears gathered in my eyes. "Maggie, I know we haven't been seeing each other, literally, but I know I love you. You're beautiful, smart, kind, loving. I can't get enough of you. I wanted to wait a little longer, but I can't." he said. I felt tears roll down my face. What was he doing? He pulled out a box and opened it up. A ring, more beautiful than I ever imagined I'd ever see. "Oh my gosh, Nick." I said "Maggie, I know you are crazy, in a good way, at times, sad at other times, I know you as a friend and as a person I love. Maggie I don't ever want to have to leave you Again. I want to wake up to your face every morning. Maggie, I want you to be my wife. That is if you'll have me." More tears run down my face. "Nick, We are so young." I said. "I don't really care. Maggie, I may be young, but I know I love you, and I don't care how cliché that sounded," he said. I laughed. I looked back at my mom. She was smiling and crying along with me. She looked back. "You can't leave this poor boy with no answer, Maggie." She said. I turned back to Nick. "I love you so much, Nick. I couldn't do better than you. I don't even want to look for someone better because all I want is you. Of course I'll marry you." I said. Nick jumped off his knee. He hugged me so tight, I couldn't breath. "I love you so much." he whispered to me.





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