People Change on hold

I know it's a JB fan fiction but I have ideas


9. Sad

Harry's POV

I couldn't believe what Justin did to Darcy .

Darcy was shaking the whole ride home. Her face was bruised and all of us were covered in red paint.

Zayn, who was driving, pulled up to Darcy's and we all slowly walked up to her house.

There was a note on the door.

"My dad is going to be on a work trip with Justin's mom for a week! I can't be here alone with Justin!" Darcy's face drained."Darcy, I'll stay here." I said and she regained some color to her face.

Well, at least we won't have to explain the eye. We walk inside and settle in."I'm going to wash off, be back soon." Darcy says going upstairs.

"Harry, we have to tell you something." Louis speaks up."Um, what is it?" I ask

"Instead of two weeks until the show, we only have one."


I sink in my seat, I couldn't believe it. I was excited but sad. I didn't want to leave her . With what Justin just did to Darcy , who knows what will happen. I sit there in shock. Liam comes over and pats my back. I throw my head into my hands.

I thought by having two weeks with Darcy left, I could have talked to Justin about not hurting her. The door opens and in strolls Justin and his gang.

"Dude, what are those freaks doing in your mansion?" His girl friend says disgusted by us.

"They are just my sisters little freaks." He says

"Justin, you don't even treat Darcy like she is your sister, so shut up!" Niall stands up, Justin looks like he's about to crush Niall so I pull him down.

"Oh, so offensive ! Ha she's not your sister, so why do you care?" Justin spats

"Because, we love her more than you ever will!" I say and we all stand up "if you love her so much maybe you should marry her!" Justin yells

"Maybe I will!" I yell back and the boys all look at me, then I realize what I just said and start to blush."Like I would let you marry her." He spats and his crew all walk up to his room.

"Harry, you love her that much?" Louis asks . I can't lie to Louis so I nod. They all come over and hug me. "Good choice lad!" Niall says and I blush

"Harry, I love you that much too." I hear a voice and I turn around to see Darcy standing behind me.

"I heard everything, I didn't realize how much you boys care about me." She smiles and we all hug her. She's perfect

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