People Change on hold

I know it's a JB fan fiction but I have ideas


14. Justin

Darcy's POV

"Darcy!" Justin yells still asking for his sandwich

I grumble to myself, can't he just shut up for once. Ever since the boys left, he's made do everything he wants.

He drives me crazy. But if I don't do what he wants, who knows what he'll do.

I miss Harry so much , but at least he got me the beautiful locket to remember him by.

"Darcy, now!" Justin screams and I plop his sandwich on a plate. I walk to his room where him and his friends are .

I walk in and his friends start to drool. I give them dirty looks.

The boys all start snickering. I get a bad feeling as they stand up so I drop the sandwich and run.

The boys followed me close behind. They do this on a regular basis. But there've never caught me before. I'm fast to fast for those slobs because I actually exercise.

I lock myself in my room. Finally safe. They bang on the door a bit. They soon leave and I sigh a breath of relief .

I walk onto my balcony and look at the street. There is a breeze that blows through me long white dress.

I'm sad

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