People Change on hold

I know it's a JB fan fiction but I have ideas


4. Darcy

Harry's POV

God what a day. Darcy got her car stolen! It was bloody crazy. I swear if Darcy wasn't there Justin wouldn't be alive .

I care to much about Darcy to let that Brat hurt her. Secretly, I've fancied her for quite a while now.


I look at the ID to see it's her . "I'm grounded Harry." I knew that was code word for bring ice cream and sleep here tonight.

I hop in my car with a half a carton of Darcy's favorite ice cream, Sherbet. I ride over to Darcy's house. Her house is not to miss. It's practically a mansion! It's huge and so tidy.

I bet once her new brother moves in that will change. The thought of him makes my fist clench.

"Harry!" She calls as I ride up to the garage. I grab a ladder and climb up to her window. She hugs me and grabs the ice cream.

She looks so perfect standing there. She's gorgeous . He blue eyes dazzle in the light from the fireplace. Her wavy hair tied lazily back with a singe white ribbon. She loves to sleep in night gowns, it's her little obsession. Tonight she wears a white dress.

"Harry, take a picture it lasts longer!" She throws a pillow at me. I laugh and tackle her to the bed. She kisses the tip of my nose.

Just then , in walks the brat." Hey what's going on in here!" Justin demands

"A sleepover," Darcy replies sweetly. Justin says something under his breath and walks out.

I turn on the flatscreen and flip through the channels .

"Ooh! War of the worlds!" She squeals, she watches that movie all the time. She can probably can state all of Tom cruises lines.

We get there just in time to see the tripods rise out of the ground.

During every scary part , Darcy would bury her head into my chest. As soon as the movie ended she was out. I watched her for a bit till I got tired and fell asleep. I love this girl.

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