People Change on hold

I know it's a JB fan fiction but I have ideas


2. Crashed

Justin's POV

I stole Darcy's car so my mom wouldn't marry that guy. If I crashed Darcy's car and then picked her up, the parents would think she's a reckless driver. Which shows my mom that he is a bad influence. It's such a good plan. Dude, if my boys were with me they would think ima god .

I pull up to a pole and park the car. Then I get out and let it go.

We are at the top of a hill, I think it's called gravity that will pull Darcy's car .

I look around until I hear the satisfying crash of the car. I look at the damage. She is gonna be in so much trouble it will be epic!

Just then I realize if I don't pick her up soon she will leave the park.

The streets were empty so I took advantage of how fast this BMW will go. I was flying! It was awesome!

I pull up to the park to see Darcy and her little Boyband. They sound like nails on a chalk board. I happen to have the voice of a god.

I get out and grab Darcy. Her little freaks glared at me. Curly looked like he was gonna punch me. The only one I worried about was Liam.

He got muscle , lots of it. Darcy takes her keys and gets in the car. It's like pitch black out here except for the orange street lights and the lights in the gazebo where they were sitting.

She didn't realize her car was destroyed she just drove.

Once we get to her house I run inside and go to our parents. "Darcy crashed her car!" I yell

Her dad gets up and stiffly walks out the door. I run outside to watch the show. This is gonna be good!

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