Forbidden Magcon Love

Jayden Reynolds (16) is Carter Reynolds sister. She was constantly going on tour with Magcon and hanging with the guys. Matt Espinosa and Jayden were secretly in love. But she couldn't be with him. Carter's rules. What happens if someone finds out about their secret?


1. Getting ready for the Meet and Greet

  I was getting ready for the Meet and Greet. I was now considered part of the Magcon Family. So I was doing my make up and my hair getting ready. Everyone else was already at the M&G site. They were just there messing around. The M&G didn't start until 7 and it was only 4. I was startled when I felt arms wrap around my waist from behind. I was trying to do my eye shadow so I couldn't see who it was. "You don't need make up, baby. You are beautiful without it." I heard Matt's voice and I smiled wide. I leaned into his touch and opened my eyes. I set my applicator down and looked at him through the mirror. "Whatever," I replied. He just smiled and I got butterflies. "What are you dong here? I thought you were with everyone else." "I was. But I told them I forgot my phone. I needed to see you." I giggled and got out of his grip and turned around to face him. I leaned against the bathroom counter and looked at him. He kissed me and I wrapped my arms around his neck kissing back. He wrapped his arms around my waist and i smiled into the kiss. His touch made me so happy. He pulled away slowly and bit his lip. I smiled wide and hugged him resting my head on his chest. He held me tightly and we stayed that way for a little while.

  "Alright, babe. I need to finish getting ready," I said. He let go and I turned around finishing my eyeshadow. He sat on the other side of the counter and watched. I finished my eye make up and went on to my lips. I saw him bite his lip. I couldn't help but laugh hard because when he bites his lip, that means he wants to kiss me. "Whaaaat?" he asked me. I shook my head. "Nothing," I replied still laughing. I finished my make up and I walked out of the bathroom and grabbed my phone. "Ready, Matt?""Yep!" We both walked outside towards the car and got in.

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