Somebody to you

Nikki goes on tour with her brother but what happens when James and brad both fall in love with her?


3. Nikki and James date

Then later I started getting ready for my date i put on some red skinny jeans with a white t-shirt that says in black letters free hugs and then for makeup I just put on some light pink lipgloss mascara and blush then I went to the living room and put on my sneakers while James was still in the bathroom I didn't dress really fancy at all because James said it wasn't gonna be anything fancy s a couple minutes later James came out took my hand and c'mon love let's go I said ok and in the corner of my eye I could see brad with a sad yet mysterious face then once we got outside we went to the car James went to my side and opened the door for me I thank you and he closed it once I got in then he walked around the front of the car to get to his side once he got in he started up the car and started driving somewheres I was silent but not an awkward silence it was peaceful i kept looking in the side mirror and there was a car that kept following us but I didn't say anything because I thought it would just go away then James pulled into a park and stopped the car we got out and I saw that same car that was following us parked here to then James grabbed my hand and took me to a little spot next to a tree with a blanket on the ground some candles and a picnic basket I looked over to the side of the tree and James guitar was there I said aww your so sweet James he looked at me and smiled he said c'mon let's sit down so we sat down and he said are you hungry? I said a little bit so then he pulled out chocolate covered strawberries he grabbed once and said watch this he threw it high in the air and tried to catch it in his mouth but it landed on his forehead I started laughing uncontrollably and he started laughing to but once the laughter died down a little on his forehead was a chocolate smudge so I got a napkin and wiped it off he said thanks I said no problem then as I was looking at the woods I saw a person staring at us then they quickly looked away I said James I just saw a person over there staring at us James then said its ok they won't hurt you as long as your with me then he put his arm over me and held me really close while leaning back on the tree and I rested my head on his chest he started singing little things by one direction and then I fell asleep James p.o.v Nikki fell asleep so I carried her to the car then reclined her chair back and laid her down then I closed the door and went back to pick up the blankets and candles and the picnic basket and my guitar I put it all in the trunk then got to the front seat and started driving back home once I got home brads car was gone I didn't think to much of it so I grabbed Nikki and carried her to her bed then as I was about to walk away she grabbed my arm and told me to sleep with her I said I any there's not enough room for two people in these beds then she got up grabbed my hand and pulled me to the couch that turned into a bed she laid down and I laid down next to her and covered us up (Nikki's p.o.v) then James put his arm around me and I snuggled into his chest I then heard the door open and shut and I heard foot steps and a little bit of crying so I tried getting out of James arms without waking him and got up and saw brad in the back of the bus crying so I walked up to him and hugged him he flinched a little and then when he saw who it was he started hugging me back and crying into my shoulder I wanted to ask him what was wrong but he was crying to hard so I decided to ask him tomorrow I started rubbing his back making him more calm and then I heard light snoring I tried getting away so I could get back to bed but brads grip was to strong so I just laid down next to brad and I fell asleep

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