Somebody to you

Nikki goes on tour with her brother but what happens when James and brad both fall in love with her?


1. Going on tour with the vamps

YAYYY!!!! I'm so excited today because today I'm going to be going on tour with my brother and his band mates finally I will have something to do besides sitting around all day doing absolutely nothing with my life well let me introduce myself my name is Nicole Evans but my friends and family call me Nikki for short and my brother is Tristan Evans from the famous boy band The Vamps well right now I just looked at the time and it said it was 12:00 in the afternoon so I started waiting for The guys to pick me up finnaly two episodes of spongebob later they arrived hey they all said excitingly and I said hey can you guys help me get my bags on the tour bus please then Tristan and brad helped me once I got on the tour bus and said bye to our mum we started leaving I was in my bed playing my phone when I heard out from the kitchen James saying to Connor that he liked someone I couldn't hear the name correctly but I think it started with an N I didn't think to much of it since I knew none of the guys would like me except for brad me and brad went out for a little while but I didn't feel like it was right so I told him and he agreed to just be friends but he's been acting weird lately then someone knocked on the wood above my bed I said who is it and then the person said its James so I said oh well what do you want? Then James said Nikki I've liked you for a long time and I was wondering if you would like to go on a date with me Maybe sometime soon I had a huge smile on my face and said yes I would love to he smile back and said I should probably be getting to bed it's getting late I agreed then got up said goodnight to all of the guys and fell asleep

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