Did i make the right decision?

Rhiana and Harry met in a nightclub and seemed to have a one night stand! Rhiana became pregnant with her baby Luke. Her life goal is for Luke to one day met his dad Harry Styles. Finally, she somehow finds him. Will their relationship lead from there and live happily ever after? Or will Rhiana regret her mission to find Harry?


2. Chapter 2

Rhianas P.O.V

I went home after work and couldn't stop thinking about what I thought. I knew I would have to do this sooner or later, I may as well start now!

Wait... How am I possibly going to do this? How the hell am I going to track down one of the worlds biggest boyband member? But I need to do it somehow.

The next morning I had the day off so I decided to take Luke to the play centre. I sat down and watched him playing and running around. Luke looks so much like Harry I couldn't stop thinking about it. Luke has his cute dimples on the sides of his face whenever he smiles, his dark hair and his big emerald green eyes! Luke had nothing of me in him.

It kept playing on my mind. It was driving me mad! Until I realised...everything happens for a reason...right? No that can't be true can it? I tried to forget about he whole Harry situation and focus on Luke but whenever I looked at him I thought of Harry!

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