Assassination Lovers

She lost her boyfriend and she wakes up in a mysterious place she does not know. Soon she finds out that is a creepypasta and finds out a few of what had happened before. She soons discover that her long lost boyfriend was never gone.


7. The realization that your still a killer.

I was thinking about what happen when suddenly I felt the urge to kill. Someone is here..I tried my best to not look for the person. I wanted it to run away but that urge gave out what I truly wanted to kill. When I tried transforming it wouldn't work.

"What the?..." The urge became even more strong but this time it was because there was more people than what I had expected. I grabbed my head hard something I didn't expect came to me. I felt my ears come out and my tail. I was still in my human form. I was no longer who I was a minute ago. I walked out side with a knife in my hand, tightly gripped . I saved it in a ocassion of danger. Although this was no danger. I hid it behind my back. I heard voices coming from the back of the house where I just entered. I slid the door slowly and quietly.

"This house seems cool." said One of the boys.

"Looks like no one is here." said One of the girls.

"Let's go in." As they looked to open the door I stood there looking at them.


"Edward calm down it's just a girl."

"Geez she just scared me Tina."

"Mind telling what you low lifes were trying to do?" I stared at them.

"Hey she's not human Tina." said the other girl.

"Low lifes?! Look here you bitch! We are from London High and we are not low lifes!" He said as he tried to grab me by my shirt. To me everything was going so slowly as if it was in slow motion. I took out my knife and moved my hand across his wrist very fast slitting his wrist open.

"Indeed you are right. I'm not human. You entered a territory of non human beings. You can call us monsters."

"AHHHH!" Screamed Edward as blood kept running down his arm. 
"We have to get away!" said Tina as she ran. I quickly ran to her slitting her throat from behind. I turned around.

"I'll give you two options. You can run but you will never be able to hide from no escape of death or die here by my hands." I smiled a huge smirk on my face. I pinned Edward down He struggled to me.

"Your strong! Let me go!" The other knews if they ran the would end up as Tina. I grabbed my knife.

"Alright kids it's time to disect a human. Today I will torture you all." I was ready to cut his stomach open when I saw one of them tried to move. I pointed my knife at them.

"Hey now did I say Go? Not Until I say go and you see him dead then you will be free to roam around and run." I Slit Edward's stomach open. Blood splatter all over me. I laughed with a huge smile. I grabbed his intestine and cut it. He yelled in pain. I saw tears flow down his cheeks.

"Oh you want more?"

"NOO! LEAVE ME ALONE!" He cried out. I broke his ribs. I slit his arm as I stabbed it several times. I cut open his chest. He was strugling to move again.

"Seem you still have strength." I frowned. I dug my hand into his chest looking for his heart. When I did I pulled it out squeezed it in my hand. Blood gushed everywhere.They yelled and they started to run. It was already afternoon but it was dark out.

"Run run as fast as you can you can't hide from me because i'm the killer in your life." I started to go after them when I saw someone from a distance. I ran with full speed and caught up with both of them. I kicked the girl down making her fall. I grabbed the boy's T-shirt from behind and pulled him down. I stabbed my knife into the boy's head until I broke his skull and jammed it into his brain. Instance kill. The other girl got up.

"NOOO!!!" She ran again. In a lift of a finger I had already slit her throat like Tina.

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