Assassination Lovers

She lost her boyfriend and she wakes up in a mysterious place she does not know. Soon she finds out that is a creepypasta and finds out a few of what had happened before. She soons discover that her long lost boyfriend was never gone.


3. Sierra/Jeff's Woman

Before I knew I sensed a human near by.


My instincts told me. I quickly ran to where the human was so I thought was a human. It was Ben the link midget looking guy. He looked at me and I stared.

"What is a creature like you doing here?" Ben said. I turned into my human form leaving me shirtless and bottomless. I had left my clothes back at the house when I turned into my wolf form.(when wolfs turn into there human form they become naked.-. A little fact).

"Thought you were a human." I said as my ears where still on my head.

"'s you. Scarlet." Ben said sarcastically

"Sup little midget pancake." I said as I laughed.

"I'm not a pancake!?!" Ben said mad.

"Whatever.." I said

"Go put your clothes on its cold out here." said Ben

"Alright Daddy thanks for the tip!" I said walking back to the house as I laughed.

"I'm not your dad...!!!" Said Ben (._. <--his face right there). I came back to the house when I noticed my clothes weren't where I put them. I heard a the bushes russell behind me. I quickly turned around pointing my knife at the direction behind me when I noticed it was Jeff and he had my clothes. (=_= <--my face).

"You really have to stop popping up randomly... Why do you have my clothes?" I asked taking them back. I changed in front of him.

"First of all I was looking for you and second you were naked in the cold..." said Jeff.

"Thanks I guess I ran into Ben." I said petting my soft fluffy tail.

"And you were naked in front of him?.." He asked. Kind of pissed me off when he asked that.

"Yes ..I can't talk in my wolf form." I said crossing my arms. Jeff looked pissed. I stood in silence.

"Well....look at the time I have to go.! Bye!" I said trying to leave because the situation got awkward.

"Scarlet..." Said Jeff in a mad tone. I'm screwed I thought.

"Y-Yes?..." I said turning around slowly. Jeff took out a necklace it was silver and the charm was a silver heart chain.

"Come here I need to put this on you." Said Jeff as I turned around to let him put the necklace on.

"There you can go now... And by the way Slender man wants you." said Jeff leaving.

"Ok thanks???" I said as I left to where slender man was.

*knock knock knock*

"Come in!" Said Slender man

"Needed me?" I asked.

"Ah yes I need you to do an errand for me. Can you pick up my daughter from the village?" Asked Slender man

"Yes I'll go." I said about to leave.

"By the way I see your Jeff's woman now." said Slender man. I stood standing there and then turned around to face him.

"Wait...what?" I asked politely

"Your Jeff's woman." he repeated.

"No I'm not.." I said

"That necklace means your his now. He doesn't give that necklace to no one not even Jane maybe he has interest in you." said Slender man. I walked out quietly. I walked to the village. I was thinking about what he said. I made it to the village and saw a girl with red eyes and white hair. She must be Slender man's daughter.

"Hello are you Slender man's daughter Sierra?" I asked her

"Yes I am..." Sierra replied.

"I came to pick you up." I said smiling. We talked in the way back to the house. She became attached to me.

"Hey Scarlet you think we can go kill some people later?" Sierra asked.

"Yes we can. Bye!" I replied

"Bye!" Said Sierra.

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