Assassination Lovers

She lost her boyfriend and she wakes up in a mysterious place she does not know. Soon she finds out that is a creepypasta and finds out a few of what had happened before. She soons discover that her long lost boyfriend was never gone.


8. More Of A Monster

After I'd gotten home from the forest, a huge wave of guilt seemed to yank me to the ground. Everything clocked into place and I realised what I'd just done...Those poor people...

I started to cry and sank down to the floor on my knees. For a second the whole world rocked then everything went black...                                                       I woke up in my bed, with Jeff sat next to me. His eyes were filled with sympathy and understanding. He had seen it happen. I covered my eyes with my hands as I cried, my ears and tail coming out accidentally. He stroked my hair and soothed me. I knew I'd killed before, but not that many at once, and they were never that young.                    



 I was more of a monster than ever...And despite anything Jeff or Slender said....I would hate myself for it forever...


Chapter By: Kawaii-Chan



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