Assassination Lovers

She lost her boyfriend and she wakes up in a mysterious place she does not know. Soon she finds out that is a creepypasta and finds out a few of what had happened before. She soons discover that her long lost boyfriend was never gone.


10. Frustration

Jeff's POV

Damn it! Does she like me or not!? I was so confused, so I went out for a walk in the forest. Soon enough, my eyes darkened with hatred and loathing. Kill. I sensed a group of adults nearby, most likely having a Stag party.


The slits on my face stung as I grinned. I needed to kill...I hard wired the place they were and started to sprint, pulling out my dagger as I ran. It was still dark, perfect. The men were in a small clearing, and as I looked closer, I saw a hen party in session too.


There were bound to be about thirty people there. I twiddled the dagger around my fingers and stalked around the clearing looking for the nearest target. I saw one leave the clearing and head into the forest. Kill. I leaped onto him easily and cherished his terrified face for a moment before slashing a deep task into his throat.


Unable to cry out, he pushed weakly at me, trying to get me off him. My maniac side took over, and I tore two great slits on bothe sides of his face, reaching from the corners of his mouth to his cheekbones. Desperate for the kill, I stabbed over and over again in his lungs, heart, stomach and intestines.


Eventually, the skin over his ribs gave way, revealing the gory mess I'd made. I grinned at the sight and ripped out his organs and slung them on the trees around us. I used his blood to write on the trees; Don't Get Out Of Bed....


As I walked away, I heard screams erupting from behind me. I laughed insanely and turned to throw my dagger in a females body. It lodged itself in and killed her in seconds. Covered in blood, I headed back to the house, chuckling to myself all the way....

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