Assassination Lovers

She lost her boyfriend and she wakes up in a mysterious place she does not know. Soon she finds out that is a creepypasta and finds out a few of what had happened before. She soons discover that her long lost boyfriend was never gone.


1. Who's Jeff?

"I don't wanna die

I don't wanna die

I don't wanna die

So you're gonna have to


I don't wanna die

I don't wanna die

No, I don't wanna die

So you're gonna have to


Blood is getter hotter

Body's getting colder

Told you once

I'm the only one who holds her


I don't wanna die

I don't wanna die

I don't wanna die

So you're gonna have to


I look inside of myself-" I stopped singing when I heard someone knock on my door. I turned into my wolf form. Not knowing who was here. I growled at the door. Someone opened the door and I stepped back.

"Scarlet?.." Said The guy with black hair and the sides of his mouth cut as he opened the door.




I stopped growling at him and just stared. I noticed he was staring at me. Gazing at my black fur that had a red lighting scar. He came close to me. I instantly growled defensively not knowing who he was and just kept thinking of the name Jeff. My window was open and I escaped outside into the forest where there were tall trees covered in snow and the ground as well.

"Scarlet!" said a voice coming from behind. I turned around growling at the man with no face.

"It's me slenderman..." Said Slenderman


I tried looking for something or someone I was starving. Instantly I saw a man walking with wood. I did what my instincts told me to do.


I jumped on the man biting his neck and instantly he died.

"Scarlet we better head home now." Said Slenderman he touched my back and we teleported back to the house.

Who's Jeff?

"Jeff! Were back." Said Slenderman. I saw the man again who's name is Jeff. I growled Defensively again.

"Scarlet it's ok calm down." Said Slenderman.

I don't remember anything. All I remember is that I woke up in a room then I started singing thats when Jeff came in. I only know Slenderman.

"Scarlet surprised you killed Jane." said Jeff.


Oh yes that girl who laughed at me a lot and made fun of me. Yes she's finally dead! I thought. Something quickly caught my attention. I walked and saw another wolf. He had black fur and green scar like mine.

"Scarlet?" said Slenderman and Jeff. I went outside to where the other wolf was.


The other wolf stared at me. We stared at each other for a period amount of time. Then the wolf left. Suddenly I started to feel sick again and knocked out on the ground.

"Scarlet!" Said Jeff and Slenderman.


I woke up in the same room I was not so long ago. I was in my human form. I looked at my self and noticed someone had changed me into some clothes.

"This jacket looks like....Jeff's." I whispered silently I saw a razor blade sitting on the counter of the bathroom. I picked it up and started cutting my wrist, arms.

"Huh?" I said. What am I doing..I thought. I quickly cleaned up the blood and threw the razor away. I put on a long sleeve shirt on and put on the jacket Jeff left me. I put on some black skinny jeans. I smelled something delicious. I instantly new it was crispy bacon. I love bacon! I ran into the kitchen and saw Jeff setting the bacon down on the table. In excitement I gave Jeff a hug.

"Bacon!" I said smiling

"Not a good morning but its fine." Said Jeff sitting down.

I forgot to pull down my sleeves. I ate a piece of sausage when Jeff claimed out.

"What happen to your arms?

I quickly put down my sleeves and said


"Let's go to your room." Said Jeff standing up. I had to go also. We went to my room.

"Show me all of them." Jeff proclaimed.

I showed him my arms and my wrist. I didn't tell him about my thighs. He looked in pain.

"W-why would you hurt yourself?.." Said Jeff

"I don't know..." I claimed. He grabbed me by the hand and we went back to the kitchen. We had finished our food. Then my instincts transformed me back into my wolf form.


I went out the back door and ran until I found a small village. I felt I had to exterminate this village. I killed each one little by little. Smiling and enjoying this.


I saw that Jeff was also enjoying killing people. We smiled the same smile. Then we went back home.

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