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8. I'm pregnant part 2

Calum: You were still crumpled on the ground, tears were still clouding your vision. You didn't know hold long you have been there, how long you have been thinking about your life. What will you do? The question kept repeating round in your mind, making a wave of sadness flood over you. You tried getting up, but your body was so weak. The energy had been used up, by the crying. Suddenly there was a knock at your door, the banging making you jump. Having no strength you just sat there. The banging got louder until it make your ears buzz. You placed your hands on top of the table, putting all your weight onto and raising to your feet. Slowly stumbling your way to the door, you open it up to see Luke there. Confusion covered your face. "Calum has been around, told me what happened." It took one minute, until you were grasping at Luke's shirt. His arms immediately wrapped around you. "He's a mess." Luke whispered, this got you angry. He wasn't allowed to be a mess. He left you. "He's a mess." You spat. "He's the one who walked away!" You basically screamed. Luke tried calming you down, but you ignored him. Walking away it was obvious Luke followed you. "He says he is sorry!" Luke said, you stood frozen in place. Turning slightly you glared at Luke. "He has left me! He left me with a baby growing inside me! I don't know where I'm going, what I'm doing! And he says sorry?" There was another knock on the door, making your way towards it you felt footsteps behind you. Opening it up, you saw Calum. Your whole face tensed. "What do you want?" You asked through gritted teeth. "I came here to apologise." As he spoked you notice his features. His eyes were red, his whole face worn out. "I know what I did was bad, I turned away from you! The one thing I promised to never do. I don't want to hurt you, but I want to be part of your life. I want to be a dad." you saw the smile on his face. "And if-if you want, I want to be with you again.." His eyes were full of hope, his hands were wrapped around each other. All your thoughts muddles together, causing a struggle to talk. You just stand there silent, trying to say something. Knowing that nothing was coming out, you just hug him. He gladly accepts you back into his arms, holding you tightly. "I'm sorry." He whispered kissing the top of your head. "Truly I am.."

Luke: After an hour, you heard the car engine pull back into your drive. You went upstairs and retired your packed bags, knowing that once he was back you were gone. The key rattles, then you heard the click that showed the door was open. The footnotes were quite, slow. Like they were almost scared to be in there. Walking down the stairs, Luke's eyes went wide when he saw your two fully packed bags. "Where are you going?" Luke questioned. He looked hurt, like walking away from him was exactly what he didn't want. "I don't know yet Luke, but I know that you want me out of your life.." You say, hoping your voice didn't sound to weak. "That's exactly the opposite to what I want!" He says, voice not quite shouting. "I want us to be together with our little baby.." "Oh so you actually believe it's yours now?" The anger framing your voice. He sheepishly nods, running his hand through his hair. "Wow." Was all you said, even though it has only been a short amount of time since he left, you were still hurt by what he put you through. "You can't just come back here and expect everything to be okay." You whispered. "I think I need to go.." You say walking towards the door. "Don't" Luke asked, he sounded so vulnerable, like if you left, he would break into a million pieces. "Luke," You say calmly. "You accused me of cheating, you walked out on me, you made me believe that I was on my own, that I had to bring our baby up on my own and you expect me to welcome you back with open arms?" He was silent. "Look I just need a few days okay?" He just stood there, sighing you walked out. Having a tiny bit of hope he would follow you, it was all destroyed when you shut your car door and zoomed off. After a few days, your mind was less foggy. You understand that your baby needed a father, and Luke was wanting to do it. The only thing is he hasn't called or texted, he hasn't made any effort to talk to you. Maybe he didn't want to be with you. Walking out of your friends apartment, you made your way to your old home. Knocking on the door, a tired Luke opened the door. His eyes lit up when he saw your face. "Y/N!" He wrapped you in a hug before you got a chance to say anything. "I was worried you wouldn't come back." You smiled, understanding that he had given you space. "I know what I did was horrible, and trust me I'm not proud of it. But, I really do want this, it's amazing. Our child, and being able to look after it with you would be my dream.." He looked down shyly, probably embarrassed by his little speech. Lifting his chin slightly you pressed your lips against his, trying to put in as much emotion as possible. "I love you so much." You murmured against his lips, making a smile spread across his face.

Ashton: You quietly walked over to your desk, placing your laptop on there, and plugging the charger in. Standing there, you started to think. Thoughts swirled round, how were you going to do this? You knew you wanted this but how were you meant to do this on your own? Suddenly it dawned on you, Ashton isn't going to be there any more. He isn't going to be there for you like he promised. Like he said he would throughout your whole relationship. Now your life will change, and you have no idea if he will be involved in it or not. You didn't know how long you were standing there, but checking your phone you had a lot of missed calls. Rolling your eyes you put your phone away, not prepared to be involved in reality today. A yawn escaped your lips, so you slowly walked towards your bed. Laying here, looking up at the roof you put your hands on your belly. A smile rose from your lips as you thought about it. "I love you so much." You whispered, somehow thinking it can hear you. Snuggling into bed, you felt the cold the limed behind you. Rolling over, you watched, thinking if you kept staring maybe Ashton would turn up. Maybe he is suddenly okay with you being pregnant, maybe he will want to be a dad. You got so caught up in your imagination, that when you were bought back down to reality. You just saw the laid out sheets, they look perfect. Like there was no one there being with, like Ashton didn't even exist in your life. Rolling over you stare at the wall, knowing there was no point letting your mind take over. All it would do is bring you to tears. Getting out of bed, you tiredly made your way to the door, Suddenly you jump startled by the phone. Quickly walking to it you answer. "Hello?" "Y/N!!" You hear Ashton say, his voice far to excited. "What is it Ash-Ashton?" Your voice trembled, knowing you can't use his nickname any more. There was silence in the other end of the line. For a few seconds it had stayed like this until he spoke up. "I want this to work. I want this to be us. I want a baby. I want you." He spoke quietly, softly. "I wanted that too. But why would you all of a sudden change your mind?" You spoke quietly, tired. "I thought about it! Just think in a couple years time, we will have a little kid running around. Our little kid, and that puts a massive smile on my face." A smile grew on your face when she said this. "I'm saying I'm forgiving you fully, because what you did. You said you couldn't have a baby, but I am saying we can work through this." Your voice was calm, your eyes were droopy. A sigh of relief escaped Ashton's mouth. "Thank you so much." He spoke you could hear the smile on his face. And just like that you knew, you knew that he would be there for you.

Michael: Running towards your car, you felt yourself being pulled back. "Where are you going?" Michael asked his breathing slightly faster. "Away from you!" You spat, making him wince back. Pulling your hand away, you walked towards the car, trying to rush out before the real tears fall. "You can't just leave!" He shouted, making you stop in your tracks. "You can't just deny being a father!" You scream back, you two are only a few meters away. Both of you staring at one another, silent. "I don't know what to do.." Michael whispered, you could just about hear him. Giving him a confused look he carried on. "I don't know how to be dad, I don't understand. I'm scared Y/N, I'm scared." Walking a little bit closer to him, you lay your hand in his. "Do you expect me to know what I'm doing?" You say softly. "I am petrified, I have a little human growing inside me, and I know nothing about it. I don't know what's going on, I didn't event think that you would be there to help. Do you know how scary it was thinking that." You say pointing to the both of you. "Is over?" His eyes squeezed shut for just a moment. "I'm so sorry." He whispered, his am reached out, pulling you closer. "I know what I did, what I said was horrible, but you just got to know that I'm here now, I will stop playing video games. I will learn, just like you." Smiling and and nodding, you leaned up to kiss him. "Thank you so much Michael!" You whisper, against his chest "For everything." Making your way back into the house, you interlock your hands your hands together. "I love you." You say at the same time making a giggle escape from your lips.

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