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7. I'm pregnant part 1

Calum: "I'm pregnant" You let the words slip by your lips, your voice calm. Inside you were scared, scared that telling him that there was a baby growing inside you he would run. Run out of not only your life, but his babies. It needs a dad. Looking up, you saw his body. Hands clenched, breathing deep. His face frozen, eyebrows pulled together. No smile on his lips, no emotion. "Say something." You whisper, not understanding what was going on. "No." Was all he said, repeating trying to convince himself that this wasn't happening. Trying to make out the baby wasn't real. He was shaking his head, taking steps away from you, like you were infected. "No! This is not happening." His voice grows strong by each word. "It is Calum! I have the test!" You say, trying to please him some how. "No.No. No" He was gathering his keys, getting everything he could in a short amount of time. Knowing he was going to run, you let the tears fall. Anger bubbled inside you. "You can't run away from this!" You scream,trying to think of something that will make him stay. "This is your child!" But all it does is make him faster. Finally, once the door is shut you sink down. Body shaking on the ground. 'Calum just left me' That thought stuck in your mind. He was gone, and you knew he wasn't coming back.

Luke: "I'm pregnant" You whisper, your boyfriend Luke opposite you dropped his knife. Letting it find it's way to the ground. His mouth was wide open, shock probably running through his body. "P-Pregnant?" He said, you nodded in response. Hoping for the best. "Is it mine?" His body relaxing a bit. "Of course!" Your tried placing your hand on his but he flinched. Anger was shown on his face. "No! We always used protection!" He placed his hands on the table, fists clenched. "I guess we didn't that time!" Your voice raising a bit. "No! You've been cheating on me!" He screamed, making you wince. Cowering back you let him shout at you, hoping if he lets his anger out he would calm down a bit. Shutting your eyes, you let the tears fall. Each one sipping down your pale cheeks, dropping into your lap. Soon enough you heard the door slam shut. And a engine driving off. Slowly opening your eyes you saw emptiness. No one else was in this room part from you and this baby. No one else would be in this babies life only you.

Ashton: "I'm pregnant" You said to Ashton over Skype, his big smile dropped off his face. A frown occurring on his face. "What?" He basically spat at you. "I'm pregnant!" You repeated a happier tone in your voice, hoping it would change his expression. He sat there, silence filling around you. Thoughts rushed through your head, would it be okay? What is going to happen? He is on tour so that would be hard. He is in a band. Maybe he can't handle a baby. Looking back up on the screen you saw no movement. Only Ashton with tears dripping down his face. "You can't be" Was the only thing he said. "Well I've taken the test.." You said, annoyed. "Well take it again! You are not pregnant!" He shouted, raising his fits in the air. "Do you think I only checked once! I bought 5 pregnancy tests! They all came out positive. I even went to the doctors! I know I am pregnant!" You scream, angry tears falling. "Fuck" He muttered, running his hand through his hair. "I can't have a baby right now." He whispered, only to himself but you heard. Shaking your head, you ended the call. '"We can do this on our own." You whispered, hands on your belly. A massive smile grew on your face as you thought about it. You and your little baby.

Michael: "I'm pregnant" You whisper to yourself through the mirror. You were planning on telling Michael about the news, but you were so nervous... Trudging down the stairs, you find him playing a video game again. "Mikey can I talk to you for a minute?" You asked, hoping he would turn the game off. "Hold on!" He said, he bit his lips his face showing full concentration. "No Michael this will not hold on!" You unplug all the wires at the back, letting the television fall back. "What was that for?" He screeched at you. Rolling your eyes, you sat next to him taking his big hand in yours. "Michael, I'm.." Nerves came over you again making it hard to speak. "Spit it out" He said agitated. "I'm pregnant!" You say quickly looking away from his eyes you feel a coldness on your hands. Looking down you see he has removed his. They were now placed on top of his, eyes tightly shut. "What am I meant to do?" He said simply, letting his hands fall, his shoulder relax back. "Be a dad.." You said slowly, giving him a confused look. "No I'm not ready!" He refused. "Do you think I am?" You say. "All I do is play video games!" He screams. "How am I meant to take care of that?" He says pointing to your stomach. Shaking your head in disbelief you stood up, letting a few tears fall. Furiously wiping them away you walked towards the door, hearing your name being called after you. Slamming the door behind you, you shut Michael out of your lift and the baby's, maybe forever.

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