5 seconds of summer preferences


4. Holding hands

Michael: He never wanted to really show it, but with you, he felt as if that was the only thing he could do. You'd go out in public and just as you were about to put your hands in your pockets to warm them, he took your left hand in his and rubbed some warmth into it, you stared in shock, but said nothing, to in love with this new feeling, not wanting it to be a one time thing. It wasn't a one time thing though, it was every time.

Calum: It was just natural instinct for him, when it came to holding your hand. He never wanted to lose you, so he held your hand tightly, squeezing it every so often so he's know that you were still there and he could reassure you that you'd always be together. You loved that about Calum, he was never afraid to be in love with you around people, he was proud to be in love, he wanted everyone to know it too.

Luke: When things got rough while out and about with him, he'd reach for your hand to keep you close to him. He didn't want the fans to hurt you, so his hand was wrapped around yours, every so often looking down to make sure it was still your hand he was holding and not someone else. The feel of his hand with yours, made you instantly feel so loved and protected, you'd never felt like it before, until you met Luke, now that you had Luke, you never wanted to let him go.

Ashton: He wasted no time in holding your hand. You were on your way to your first day when he first reached out and held it. You said nothing, just watched in amazement, and love. You just met the guy and already you were so in love with him. His hand felt like it belonged there, holding yours, you never wanted to let go, so you didn't. Even when the two of you slept, your hands were always combined as one. 

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