5 seconds of summer preferences


5. He thinks you're cheating on him

Calum: Walking into your shared bedroom with Calum you notice him staring intently at his phone. You walk closer noticing the phone case. He didn't have a bright pink one, confusion flooded over you. "Cal, what are you doing?" you sit next to him, seeing him scroll through your messages. "Calum! Why are you looking at my messages?" You snap your phone out of his hand, quickly locking it and putting it behind you. "Why are you protective of it?" He was clearly angry. "I don't go look at your messages do I?" You shout, standing up, refusing eye contact. "Well you can! At least to show I don't cheat!" He says, standing up and pointing at you. Gasping, you unlock your phone to see what message he is on about. "I knew it, you were guilty." He whispered, his voice harsh but hurt. You looked at all the messages that he saw, trying to let a laugh out. He was looking at the messages between you and your best friend. You two acted like an old married couple. "Why?" Was all he said, you looked up a smile on your face, which immediately fell when you saw his face, hurt was written all over it. "Who is he?" "Don't you mean she? Cal, this is my best friend! You know how we are!" You could see the pure relief on his face when you said that. He walked over to you and wrapped his arms around you. His head buried in your neck. "I thought that we were over, I didn't know what to do.." He whispered, his voice was quiet. "Calum, you have to go to realise that I would never do that to you! I love you, no one else and you need to learn that." He nods, but still doesn't let go.

Luke: "Y/N" Luke shouts from downstairs his voice sounds angry. "I'll be down in a minute!" You shout, just finishing off your hair. Tonight you were going round your friends, because she is having a hard time right now. Walking downstairs, the scent of your perfume lingering behind you. Finding your shoes, and quickly putting them on you walk towards Luke to say goodbye. "Where are you going dressed like that?" Luke said as soon as he saw you. He gave you a disappointed look. "What do you mean?" You say, hurt. "I've seen it everywhere. All this stuff saying that you were cheating on me, going out with other guys whilst I was performing. Every time I ignored it, thinking I knew you better than that. Obviously not." His eyes were dark, voice cold. "And now! You are dressed like that." He pointed at you, his hand trailing down your body. "What the fuck am I mean to think?" "How could you think I was cheating on you? That is one of the most disgusting things I have heard, I would never do such a thing! Yet here you are accusing me. I thought you cared, that you listened. I have told you so many times what is going on, do you listen? No." Huffing in frustration you are about to walk away when he speaks up. "Of course I listen!" He sounded sorry, but he was stubborn so he wasn't going to admit that. "No you don't! You think I'm cheating on you! Why don't you ask me instead of accusing me of all sorts?" "Well, where are you going?" "To my friends, as I have told you so many times, she is going through a tough time, and I need to distract her." His face changed as soon as you said those words. "So you aren't cheating?" Shaking your head, a smile broke out onto his face. "I'm sorry, I accused you. I just have so much going on! I don't think properly and I am truly sorry." You nod accepting his apology. "Well you are lucky I love you." You smile briefly kissing him. "Now I have to go!" You wave goodbye before walking out the door.

Ashton: "Ashton what the fuck? This is the sixth time you have been out and got drunk! It needs to stop." You demanded arms crossed. It was currently 2AM and Ashton had come back, completely ignoring you and going straight to bed. He had been doing this a lot lately, and when he wakes up he is gone. "You can't tell me what to do." His voice slurred. His body wasn't straight, leaning to one side. Arm resting on the table. "This isn't good! You can't even stand up! It isn't healthy!" You walk over to him, trying to help him up. "Don't touch me!" He says, pulling his arm away from you. "Why don't you go back to your other man? The one you have been cheating on me with for the past couple of months! Yeah, I knew about it!" He spits at you, his face turned angry. "What? I haven't been cheating on you!" "I saw you! I saw you hug him and go on dates, it wasn't even sneaking, you are just bad.." "You don't understand, that was my friend. I am allowed to have other friends you know?" you say, voice getting more tone. "Well.." He trailed off, not knowing what to say. A sigh of annoyance came out of your mouth. "So you have been going and getting drunk because you thought I was cheating on you, you didn't even question it?" "I know, it was stupid, and I'm sorry." His voice was still a it slurred. "I'll make it up to you!"  

Michael: "Michael, what is wrong?" you ask, but he just stays silent. He has been giving you the silent treatment for the past few hours and you had no idea why. "Michael for fuck sake!" You stand up, walking towards the door. "If you aren't going to talk what is the point in being here." The anger was clearly heard in your voice. "Yeah! Why don't you run off to your new boyfriend?" He shouts after you, which made you stop in your track. "What new boyfriend?" You say defensively. "The one you have been seeing behind my back, when I was on tour! When I was doing what I loved, you obviously were to!" "No! When you were on tour, I was miserable, I missed the one person I truly loved. I tried to concentrate on other things but my mind kept wondering back to you!" You say angrily. He stands there in silence. "How could you think?" You say, making it more of a statement than a question. Shaking your head, you walked upstairs trying to calm yourself down. "Wait! Please, don't go!" "I'm not leaving, I just need to be by myself right now." You head upstairs, tiredness quickly taking over your body. Laying down you feel yourself being taken over by sleep. You were woken up by arms wrapping around your waist, pulling you into their body. Kisses were placed on your neck, moving towards your jawline. "Mikey." You whine, wanting to go back to sleep. "I just wanted to say that I am truly sorry, I never meant to hurt you like that. I guess when I got told that you were cheating on me, I didn't know what to do. I knew I was never good enough for you.." Turning your body round so your faces were only inches apart you gave him a look. "Babe, you are perfect. There is no need to be so unsure!" You peck his lips, and snuggle up to his chest. "Night love." He whispers, before kissing your forehead.

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