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10. He buys you a puppy

Ashton: You were all smiles as Ashton handed you the Siberian Husky puppy. "What's this, Ashton?" He smiled. "This is your new puppy, Y/N, I know how much you've wanted one and I finally found one for you! It's a girl!" You giggled. "Does she have a name?" Ashton shook his head. "Only if you have a name for her!" You giggled. "Cora. That's what I want to name her!" Ashton nodded and petted the top of her head. "Cora it is!"

Luke: You watched the tiny puppies run around chasing after each other with such admiration. "They're so cute, Luke!" Luke nodded and followed your gaze. "You want one?" You nodded. "Yeah, I want one. Think we're ready for a puppy?" Luke chuckled and picked one up and handed the money over to the person selling the puppies and handed one of them over to you. "Yeah I think we are, I also think we should name him Oliver!" 

Michael: "Hey babe?" He says cautiously as he walks into the room. You were still mad at him over the fight you had earlier and stared icily at him. "What do you want?" He smiled. "I thought of something that might make you less angry at me." "And what would that be, Michael Clifford?" he cringed as you used his full name and pulled out a puppy from behind his back which immediately softened you features. "Oh my god, it's so cute! Boy or girl?" "Girl." "Her name is Becky! But I'm still mad at you!" You say as you take the dog from him and he stares in confusion. "How does that happen?"

Calum: "Cal, since I know we're not ready for kids, can we get a puppy or something?" you ask one lazy day and he stares at you. "You really want one?" "Yeah. They're cute and it'll give me some company when you're away on your!" Calum nodded. "Yeah, let's go!" So you went to the pet store and looked at the puppies and fell in love with all of them. "Which should we get?" Calum chuckled as he picked one up. "It looks like you're going to have a hard time deciding which one to get, so how about we get this one?" You smiled and felt your heart grow at the sight of the puppy. "Yes! Yes! Yes!" "He's a boy, what should we name him?"  "I want to call him Luke!" "After my band member?" "Who else?" You laugh as you hold the puppy.

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