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41. You're broken up but still friends

Louis: You and Lou were friends before you went out so when it was over between the two of you, you both thought it was fine if you continues being friends. It is never awkward between the two of you, it's actually kinda of like your dating theirs cute moments but no physical interaction between you. To your friends distaste your fine with the fact that your not going to get back together.

Zayn: You actually ignore Zayn for a while, you had to because the 'fans' were giving you a hard time about breaking up with him, but once things settled down you and Zayn started hanging out again, it was better, even though you broke up with him it was good to have him back in your life again.

Niall: It was management that broke you guys up, so when they said that you had to give it a few months before you could hang out after a couple of months. So the distance was killing you both, once the time was up your were hanging out 24/7. The boys actually thought you were together again. Secretly you were dating, but the boys couldn't know, neither could anyone else, but to the world you were just 'friends'.

Liam: Liam and you decided that it was more important for your safety that you should break up. The 'fans' had been sending you horrible threats your family found out and they talked to Liam and he agreed it was best that you break up. That didn't mean that you couldn't be friends, you did everything you couldn't do as a couple as a pair of friends.

Harry: It was a bit awkward at first because you and Zayn had been friends before Zayn introduced the two of you. After a while of the two of you hanging out as a group you were mostly with Zayn, it became less awkward and you could just chat and do things the way friends did without having to have a friend or group of people there.

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