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30. You use Australian slang and he gets confused

Liam: You and Liam were going for a swim he was packing the clothes and you were packing the snacks. "Liam can you get my purple cozies please not the black." You yelled. "W2hat are cozies love?"  "Uh they are bathers, swimmers you know." You explained. "Oh. Your Australian is weird." He laughed.

Zayn: Zayn was picking you up from school, you got in the car, you had a really bad day and Zayn could tell. "What's up babe?" "The stupid teacher gave me a ear-bashing because I forgot my homework." You explained. "Uh I know you need to vent, but what's an ear-bashing?" He looked so confused. "It's like being lectured." "Ah I see, continue." So you complained all the way home.

Niall: You had just got your drivers license and needed petrol, Niall and you were going out for lunch. You just past a servo. "Shit just past the servo, I'm going to do a yewy." You said. "Okay what are they?" "What are what Niall." "What's a servo and for one and two what's a yewy?" He questioned. "Well this is a yewy, a u-turn it's just a shorter way of saying it, and a servo is a service station." You said, he smiled and said that Australian was weird.

Louis: It was Louis birthday and you had gotten him something that you hoped he would like. He was still asleep, you placed the pressie next to him and kisses his lips. "Happy Birthday sexy."  "I like the way you woke me up I wish it was my birthday everyday." He said wiping his eye. "Aw. Now open your pressie." What the hell is a pressie?" "It's short for present now open it I want to see your reaction." You demanded again. He nodded and opened the present.

Harry: You just wanted to relax today, Harry woke up and came down stairs. "What are we doing today gorgeous?" "We are going to veg out." "Veg out?" His face was confused. "You don't know what it mean?" You giggled. "No what is it?" "It's relaxing. Chilling out. You get it?" Yeah I get it now."

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