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34. You have a fight

Harry: You had been very stressed out at school with all your exams coming up. Harry had time off and really wanted to spend time with you, but you couldn't because you had to study. Harry came over and said that even thought he couldn't talk to you just sitting there was good enough. After awhile he started to get bored and was bothering you. "Y/N talk to me." "You know I can't I have an exam tomorrow and I have to study, I'm sorry Harry." Harry then started to kiss your neck. "Please beautiful, I haven't seen you the whole time I have had off all I want to do is be with you." He continued to kiss your neck. "Harry I can't not please leave if you are going to distract me." You replied starting to get angry, Harry might have finished school, but you hadn't and you planned to and to do it well. Harry huffed and picked up his jacket and left. You felt guilty about it but couldn't worry about it then because you had to study.

Liam: You hated it when he was away on tour, who wouldn't miss their boyfriend if they went away on a year world tour, but it also killed you when he would go on the little Europe and America Tours, you never get to see him.Lucky he had a 3 week break. "Hey gorgeous, I know I said that I would be here for 3 weeks but it looks like I'm going over to America to do some interviews, I am really sorry." "It's fine Liam, I get it." You said with a hurt and slightly annoyed tone. "I am truly sorry." He kissed your cheek and got up. "You know what Liam, I know you can't help the fact that you have to work but it kills me being here all alone for weeks and weeks, then it can be months and then when you go away for the whole year to tour, I'm lucky to Skype with you maybe once a fortnight, I'm not being selfish I know that your job is demanding I just don't know.. I just don't know any more." You sighed standing up and walking up to the bedroom and started to pack a suitcase. "What are you doing babe?" Liam sounded like he had just been told he was going to die. "I'm going Liam I can't sit in this house alone, I'm really sorry, but while your gone I need to be with someone, just to talk to." "No! You can't leave I love you." "I love you too Liam, but I can't. I'm not leaving you I just need sometime to sort everything out, I love you, but your hardly ever here." Liam started to take the stuff out of your suitcase as you put more in. "No, please don't go." He pleased. You laughed as he kept pulling the things out of your bag, you grabbed it all and put back in, you zipped it up and walked down the sairs, Liam came running after you. "I love you." You kissed his lips and left him standing at your front door and drove away. It killed you but you had too.

Zayn: You had been on edge lately, Zayn said that he had quit smoking a long time ago but you could smell the smoke on him. Every time he came near you to hug, kiss or even to sit next to you, you would move away. "Babe, what's wrong?" "It's nothing." You said trying to hide your upset tone. "I know that something is wrong, just tell me I hate knowing that something is bothering you." He stated. "Zayn, I can smell it and please don't lie. Are you smoking?" "Yes" He sighed. "How could you. You know I hate smoking. "Yeah I know you do but it's my choice and I need it to relax." He exclaimed. "Zayn I can't do this again, my dad smoked and I hate it, the smell repulses me. I think I'm going to go for a couple days." You went up stairs and packed, the fact that you couldn't be reminded of your dad and you hated smoking made you want to leave.

Louis: Lately you and Louis had become distant, Louis had been constantly on his phone. He was in the shower when he got a text, you grabbed the phone and looked at the message it was from a girl. It said 'Hey handsome! How have you been;)' You kept reading all the other messages from her, you didn't even hear the shower stop. Louis was standing right behind you in a towel. "What are you doing love?" "I... ah.. Louis who is she?" You stuttered through tears. "Who is who?" "That girl that calls you handsome, I know that we have become distant lately is it because of her?" "Love you don't underst-" "Louis I don't care. You are cheating on me" You yelled. "Y/N it's not all about you." "Well this relationship is about us that means you and me not that thing!" You stormed upstairs and locked the bedroom door that you and Louis shared, but would you really be sharing it much longer? How could he do that to you? Are they doing more than just texting?" All these things running through your head as Louis tried to explain to you what was going on, but you couldn't hear him over your thoughts.


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