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2. You get into a fight with a family member about your relationship

Harry: "MUM!! I love him and he loves me! Why can't you understand that?" you yelled at your mother who was once again arguing with you about how she thinks Harry is using you. "(Y/N), you've seen the news.. he's played off as a manwhore! I don't want to see your hurt!" By now you were fuming. "For Christ's sake mum! You can't believe everything you see in those magazines you read! And he's nothing close to a manwhore" you retaliated. "(Y/N).." No Mum, I don't want to talk about this any more. I'm going to Harry's" You left without another word. Once the door shut behind you, you pulled out your phone and called Harry. "Hello?" he answered. "Are you busy?" you asked. "No, why? is everything okay? You sound tired." "Is it okay if I come over?" "Sure.. see you soon." You hung up and made your way to his flat. Once you got there, he was waiting for you on the front step, standing up to greet you. "Hey kitten, is everything okay? You sounded off on the phone." he questioned, pulling away from the hug. "My mum and I got in another fight.. She was calling you a manwhore, and I told her that she needs to stop believing the lies.. I couldn't be around her any more, I hope you don't mind." you explained. "Oh sweetie, I'm sorry to hear.. And of course I don't mind" he replied, pulling you into a hug. "Come on, lets go inside and do something to cheer you up yeah?" you smiled and gave him a kiss before he took your hand and led you inside.

Liam: "Oh, Liam's still here?" your sister snarled, walking into the room where you and your boyfriend were watching a movie. "yes, of course he's still here.. What are you doing?" you sneered back. Liam began rubbing your arm, knowing you would get upset if your sister kept pushing it. She had never taken a liking to Liam and you're not sure why. "What? Am I not allowed to walk around my own house?" she replied sarcastically. "Not if you're acting like this, you're not" you casually said, turning back to the screen. "I'm not the one acting like a bitch." That was it. You stood up quickly and made your way over to her. "Shut up! Just shut up! I'm a bitch? Go look in a fucking mirror! Just because you don't like the fact that I'm in a relationship, doesn't give you the damn right to criticize me on everything I do. So just hut up and leave me alone!" Your sister looked at you shocked. You were feeling shocked yourself. "I'm sor.." You began to say but your sister cut you off. "No.. If that's how you feel, then I'm sorry. I'm sorry I'm such a screw up, okay?" I'll leave you and Liam alone now. Don't bother coming to apologize.

 AN I'm only doing  2/5 on this one sorry:(

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