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10. When he is sick

Harry: Being the cheeky lad he is he insists that you spend all day cuddling in his warm bed. When he's asleep you sneak off to make him chicken soup and get his medicine. When he wakes up he is a little mad that you left him. "How could you leave me what if I woke up and you weren't here so I went to walk downstairs to find you and fell and died, because my cold made me weak." He says while giving you a sad face. "Aw poor Harry, but we both know that would never happen. So take your medicine and eat your soup." He obliged. When he was finished you kissed him on the cheek and cleaned up his bowl and spoon.

Liam: Liam text you saying he wasn't feeling well so he had to cancel plans you two had. When you text back saying you were on your way he quickly called and said you didn't have to come because he didn't want to make you sick, even though it was food poisoning. But you didn't obey his orders and knocked at his door with a bag full of movies and medication. At first he wouldn't let you in, but when you complained you were cold he opened the door and gave you a tight hug.

Louis: Louis had a stomach bug and because he was so touchy when you were looking after him you caught it too, so both of you had it.You had to call Harry to come and look after you two.

Niall: Niall hated being sick, so when he got the sniffles he would say it was nothing. Until you literally had to sit on him like he was a small child and force him to take medicine. After a few days he would thank you but it took a lot of convincing that he actually was sick.

Zayn: Zayn was meant to be at the studio all day, so you decided to clean up, but when he text you saying he was coming home early and that he felt sick. You replied saying that you would pick up a white board so he could write what he was saying. When you got home he way laying on the lounge with a mug of hot water and lemon. "Hey babe, how you feeling?" you said handing the white board to him, he scribbled really fast he wrote that it hurt a lot, look the mug out of his hand and snuggled up to him, he eventually fell asleep

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