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15. What you do when he is mad

Harry: You tease him by kissing his neck, lips, the spot just below his ear and his collar bone. After about 5 minutes of this he will cave and carry you up to the bedroom;)

Louis: You put on your booty shorts and a tight singlet, play Back it up for bobby- B.o.b, and twerk right in front of him if he is really mad you have to do it in your underwear.

Zayn: When it comes to him getting mad it's hard to make things better. But he can't stay mad when you walk into his shower, it takes a while for him to go along with it but he eventually does.

Niall: 'you accidentally' spill something on your shirt, so you take it off to put it in the wash but before you do you lean and kiss his cheek, saying sorry again, while giving him a good view of your cleavage.

Liam: You become very forward by sitting on his lap and forcing him to look at you, saying sorry you lean in giving him kisses every where. Maybe leaving some love bites, which he will be mad at later, but he secretly likes them, showing of your bold statement that you own him.

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