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19. What he does when your on your period

Louis: He will come over with heaps and heaps of movies and ice cream, you guys sit in bed all day and he massages your back.

Zayn: Zayn will play with your hair telling you sweet things in your ear until you both fall asleep.

Liam: When you get your period you always call him to come over and keep you company, he always brings you your favourite chocolate and draws circles on your tummy while you watch disney movies.

Niall: Whenever you get your period you go on a huge eating spree and Niall loves it so he will go and buy all of your favourite foods and his of course and you guys just sit in the lounge room watching movies and eating and eating.

Harry: Harry knows you get really bad period pain so when you get them he will rush over and massage where ever it is. You guys just lie in bed and talk for the rest of the day until the pain comes back.

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