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11. What he buys you when he's on tour

Niall: Niall likes to buy post cards of every place and town they perform at, to keep you up to date. When ever you received them toy put them into a scrap book, and when he gets home he likes to go over them to explain the best times there, and all the food he had tried.

Zayn: Whenever Zayn and the boys have to go on tour, he must make sure that you know he loves you, so he orders flowers for you every day, they are on your door step every morning at exactly 10 o'clock sharp. That's when you get a text from him asking if you liked them, they are always different flowers each time.

Liam: Because he is a sweetheart he buys anything he thinks you will like. From jewellery to perfume, hats to bags anything that reminds him of you. He will buy it and send it to you straight away.

Harry: Harry will buy you lingerie. He sends them too you with a note saying something cheeky. It makes you blush every time.

Louis: Clothes. He will buy the latest trends in the country he is in, whether it be America, Australia or Sweden. Because he is the fashion police he wants to make sure you always look good.  

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