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42. Sex toys

Zayn- Lelo Noal Wearable vibe: There is no lie that your's and Zayn's sex life is amazing and wild you guys hardly ever need toys to help but this one changes the whole meaning of pleasure, you and Zayn both love the feeling it brings to the bedroom.

Liam- Minna Life Ola: Liam being the 10 inch god had no need for these present tools but some times the 10 inch can get a little too much so he has to put it away and use this instead. It kills him to not physically be the one pleasuring you but it's only for a short time until you have recovered 

Harry- Durex devil: Harry likes to spice things up a little in the bedroom and when he came home with this you had no idea how this would be comfortable. You were wrong and glad about it. It was the best sex you have ever had and it didn't only please you but harry too.

Niall- Lelo Tor2: Not that Niall's little friend wasn't good enough but when you needed it a little more or a little faster this little ring helps a lot. Niall likes it to because he gets a heap quicker too!

Louis- Botty Parlor Vibrating Panties:Being the cheeky chap he is, likes to play games with you while your out in public. He will turn on the panties randomly to tease you all day, so by the time you get home your all hot and bothered.

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