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26. Love bites and scratches

Harry: He loves when you give him love bites, he tries to show them off but you make him cover them. The scratches on his shoulder blades and back remind him of the 'fun' you two had the night before. Basically he wears them as a trophy.

Niall: It doesn't bother him really. He thinks they show how much you love him and want everyone to know that he's yours. But the truth is they are just payback from all the ones he gives you. Niall finds it a turn on when you dig your nails into his back during sex.

Zayn: He thinks they look great with his skin tone but he covers them up as much as possible because he doesn't want a million questions from interviewers and paparazzi.

Louis: Whenever you leave scratches on his back he complains until you give him a massage, the same with love bites he won't shut up until you kiss them better. Then he gets revenge. 

Liam: He gets embarrassed and covers them up straight away. He gets mad at you for giving him them but he secretly likes it. When he is back stage at a concert getting changed he will take his shirt off in front of the boys 'forgetting' they were still there. The boys would tease you saying. "Looks like Y/N has stolen Liam's innocents."

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